• yes they are

    We have a very popular seventeen-year-old son. He isn't a "jock"; he isn't, well we aren't sure why he is so popular, but he is. Anytime there is some type of election, it seems that he is asked to run and wins. We think the reason that kids like him so much is that when he sees one of them, his face literally beams; he really loves all the kids at his school and, apparently they reciprocate.The preceding information is necessary to know in order to launch what I believe is a very difficult but very important topic; "Honest Parenting". What is "Honest Parenting"? It is consistency with your children and their friends and their friends' parents despite the potential results.

  • No, but not a big deal

    Teenagers can't be expected to be honest, and anybody believing so are very naive. Teenagers are trying to assert their independence and craft an identity of their own, and doing so can potentially clash with the sensibilities of their parents. Parents have a hard time allowing their children freedom (out of concern), so lying is inevitable.

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