Are teenagers today blind to India's culture and heritage?

  • Yes , i agree

    I do say that teenagers are blind to indian culture , yes , most of them dont realise what a rich and beautiful country india is , i love my country and i am proud of it , all the children want to go to the forign but dont realise we have good stuff at india

  • Most teenagers are blind to culture that isn't theirs.

    Most teenagers are blind to any culture that they aren't a part of. They haven't been exposed to cultures that they aren't a part of generally. Also, they usually haven't attended college or took classes on different cultures. This lack of exposure makes them somewhat blind to other cultures and heritage.

  • Yes, they are.

    I know there is a little taught about this in school but it is not enough. India is a spiritual superpower and has done much to offer to world civilization. They have been dominant in culture for ages and have just recently been set back by the British colonization. The teenagers watch too much junk on television.

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