Are teens overly restricted in modern society?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Adult responsibilities need to begin at 15

    Our society doesn't take seriously that teens need a lot of freedom. They can't consent to medical care or refuse medical treatment. If a teen leaves home without their parents' permission thy are returned home and considered a "runaway" (implying they are property). They have curfews, not just imposed by their parents, but by cities. A teen can be arrested simply because he's out at 2:00 AM. They only have the right to basic things (food, shelter clothing and education) but everything else is a "privilege," which can be taken from them at any time for any reason, even if they bought it with their own money they made from work, they still have no right to their property. Societies where government restricts freedom and property ownership eventually overthrow their government.

    Now if the curricula was taught right and students were held to higher standards, the average person would be ready for college by 15 or 16. The problem is they spend years recovering the same information.

    Before the common core, states had lower standards. Even with the common core, the standards are low.

    We need to stop convincing teens they are children because they aren't. If teens think they are children they will act like children, which is why many of them do. Most teens would act lioke responsible adults if they were given the chance.

  • We become adults at the end of puberty

    Teens can't consent to their own healthcare or refuse medical treatment, get a job without a parent's permission, if they leave home without their parents' permission they can be reported as a runaway, returned home against their will and placed in the juvenile system and anything they buy, even with their own money, can be taken from them at any time for any reason by their parents. They are forced in to a school system where their significance is diminished and they are forced to become dependent on their parents, who are only required to provide basic needs but make everything else a "privilege." When I read literature from just one century ago, it amazes me how intelligent the young author was (Diary of Anne Frank).

  • Too many restrictions and too little responsibility

    Today's teens can't consent to their own medical care or refuse medical treatment; if they leave home without their parents permission they can be reported as a runaway and returned home against their will and placed in the juvenile system, they have restricted working hours, their parents can take their property at any time for any reason, even if they paid for it with their own money. They are given curfews, not just by their parents but also by the government. They are not allowed to smoke, drink and sign contracts. They are forced into a school system where instead they could be becoming lawyers, scientists, businessman, etc. They are not even responsible for their own behavior, their parents are. Their parents are the ones that are sued if they damage property. Once it was common for people to marry young. Now most people are dependent on their parents till 26. Ridiculous.

    Posted by: luvx
  • Yes, in all the ways that are important.

    Teens are chained and restricted in the most important ways in these post modern times. They do not have the same freedoms to work, to take responsibilities, to learn to be creative with their time and to learn to be adaptive to various social interactions. They do have more freedoms in some behaviors, for sure. But, these are not the freedoms in the behaviors that allow development of life-long skills. Most teens I know are consumed with their various screens--phones and tablets and pads and have little interest to become fully human.

  • Restriction leads to order.

    Common everyday experiences from rude behavior in public towards the adult to having little or no integrity in the words and actions.
    And in all honesty, the kids take the cue from the adults and parents in their lives....So who is to blame? The adults & parents are to blame.

  • I do not believe they are overly restricted

    If anything, teens are not restricted enough. I am 17 and in my school there are girls who wear the shortest skirts, and shorts that are barely covering anything. Parents need to step in. This is outrageous. My parents would never let my sister do anything like that. Any parent with common sense wouldn't allow this from their child. A lot of children are hardly punished for their wrong doings.

  • UHHHH NOOOOO! Not in the least

    Ok so I'm 15 and I gotta say, teens are not restricted to much! If anything they are not restricted enough! There are so many teens that drink underage, do illegal drugs, participate in gang activity, and do whatever they want. I can think of a few people right off the top of my head that would benefit from a few restrictions. Let's face it, if we're allowed to do whatever we want, without guidance, it's like a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Teens need some restrictions

    Teenagers are not adults, they have not fully developed their forethought skills, they can get in trouble so quickly and easily. They need some restrictions to help guide them through this tumultuous age. They have not yet developed their ability to regulate their impulses, so we need to regulate what they are exposed to until this ability develops.

  • Teens are given too much freedom.

    I believe that teens are not overly restricted in modern times. I think that, on the opposite, they are more free than they have ever been before. Many teens seem not to have as strict of parents as the ones we had when I was growing up. Most teens get away with anything that they want.

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