• Yes. But due to media? No.

    It is quite unfortunate that those with eating disorders are being spoken for by people who do not ultimately understand. The voice of the victims is currently masked by the voice of both those with a political agenda, and those who are just genuinely misinformed.

    It's easy to blame the media, but to do so we must also imply that these teenagers are completely incompetent, which they are not. To blame the media is to imply that our youth are so incompetent that they cannot tell the difference between a fake magazine cover and a realistic human being. This is the same logic used by those who believe the barbie doll is to blame. That idea was refuted years ago.

    It is difficult to acquire an understanding of what exactly the ultimate cause is, as those with eating disorders are extremely mentally impaired during times of relapse. That is, because of the immense effect our diet has on our mental health, not that they are crazy.

    However, just because we cannot yet figure out what is truly happening, does not mean we can then throw all of the blame on the media.

  • Teens are too concerned about their weight than is healthy for them.

    A recent study found that nine in ten adolescents are highly concerned about body image, and over half affirm that thinness is essential to them. What we have here is a culture that places excess emphasis on our bodies and teens are being pressured and indoctrinated into believing that thin is good. Media, particularly advertisements, regularly equate thinness with beauty, and for whatever reason, people these days believe that sports, especially among girls, are usually aimed at weight loss in some way. Even kids as young as seven or eight are starting to believe these. Worse still, there are parents who, having been indoctrinated by the media and society themselves, have unknowingly forced their weight-consciousness onto their kids. Some practise weight loss practices like dieting themselves, and some even apologise to strangers for their children's weight.


  • Some teens are fine just the way they are

    All teens are made differently but it is good to excercise so they won't be out of shape. Teens shouldn't worry about it much because as we get older we'll look fine...But I guess we should still try and be healthy so we don't end up sick or something .

  • Not expecting this to be popular, but....

    American youth are becoming fat at an alarming rate.


    Responding to "fashion" may not be the biggest concern, but that too is not entirely without merit. That is to say, setting unrealistic images of beauty is not good for our society, but expecting adolescents to have no concern over their appearance is similarity unrealistic.

    Posted by: TBR

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