• Terrorism and poverty are highly connected.

    Most of the countries that have terrorist training camps are extremely poor. Terrorists and radical Islamic groups have had the most success in very poor countries like Somalia, Yemen, and Mali. If the people in these countries had good jobs, they would not be forced to work for terrorist organizations.

  • Some of them are born rich

    But all the money in the world, cannot bring back your family which were killed by lets say "a force of evil in this earth".

    Sure, many poor people turn to terrorism, but its not because they are poor, it is because of the great injustice which they have suffered.

    Part of it is religious, to strike fear into your enemy, and if they are indeed your enemy, then you are at war, in which case all is fair in war.

  • No, terrorism is a religious issue.

    No, terrorism and poverty are not highly connected, because there are many poor people and poor countries that are not involved in terrorism. Rather, terrorism is usually perpetrated by someone who wants to make a political point. Many of the 9/11 terrorists were rich, not poor. Terrorism has political and religious connections, not economic.

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