Are terrorists behind the recent food poisoning in our food supply?

Asked by: FrEeMaSoN16922
  • I believe they may be behind it despite having no evidence to show for it

    Is it really a coincidence that these food poisonings started not too long after ISIS was destroyed? If ISIS were to retaliate for the death of their caliphate, they would do it in a low-key way, which would involve food poisoning of our food supply. However, somehow there must be some light shed on this subject.

  • No you would be dead

    Watch documentaries on how sanitary the food processes are. The reason why are because owners are to cheap to afford quality assurance to the food they sell to you. Check how many insect parts and rat the FDA allows because the food companies lobbied them.
    Then Don the Con wants to lower the safety standards.
    If they wanted to harm you. They would have put dangerous pathogens in drinking supplies and would have used tougher bacterium. Making a few people sick and only killing the weak like the elderly is a far cry from what they want to do to you.

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