• Yes, but not yet for everyone

    Tesla roadster, model S and model X are good value for people that are looking to buy great car (sports car, luxury sedan or luxury SUV).
    These cars are not a good value for people that need a cheap car that can bring them from point A to point B, these people will have to wait for improvements on battery technology and price. Tesla Model III will already be a big improvement.

  • Just a toy.

    Start anywhere in the Midwest and try to do even a 300 mile trip. No serious driver with need to travel any length would even consider this. With the high mileage cars available you would drive it for years and years just to get to an equal expenditure per mile. It is a status piece and the company is the biggest media hype machine on the planet. They have never made money in spite of subsidized sales through money from anyone paying taxes.

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