• Yes. Testing helps teachers know were there kids are

    Tests are a good way to see how much a student has grown and how much the student still need to grow on. Although tests can be stressful all you need is deep breaths, relaxation, and persistence. If you do that tests won't be such a bother and teachers will be getting all the information they need about the student

  • Yes. Tests accurately measure aptitude.

    Yes. Tests are a good way to measure how well a student has absorbed material over the course of the class. I understand that some people do not test well, so I think there should be alternate ways of testing to account for this, however testing as a whole should remain an integral part of coursework.

  • We don't like tests they are to hard.

    Do u think we should take test no we should not have to take tests because they are to hard there some questions that we don't know not that much teachers help u because they don't want to it just bad enough that we have tests but teachers (sigh) u know they won't help u.

  • Kids shouldn't take tests

    Kids shouldn't take tests because it gives them anxiety. Once they get anxiety from the tests they could maybe not answer the questions they already know. It is really dumb about taking tests. Also some tests aren't equally created. There are some bias sometimes. My point is tests shouldn't be taken

  • Tests=Fail For Kids!!!

    The average test makes kids fail most of the time. In Big Nate's 2nd book, He usually burns up his report cards and his tests. Other kids just do one side or none. That is why in my opinion, kids should not to any tests at all costs. Even the writing tests and state tests.

  • I dislike test for kids

    The reason why test are not effective is because it makes lots of kids nervous. And i think that test like the STARR test puts to much pressure and makes kids just shut down. So, that means we don't need to do any tests. So we can let the kids relax

  • Tests Are No Good

    Tests are not effective for kids because they cause anxiety or pressure, and when kids have pressure they end up not concentrating on the tests and end up getting a bad score. As a kid, I am saying that tests are one of the worst things of my life. That's what I'm saying.

  • Not created equally

    I truly believe that tests are not effective because some people suffer from test anxiety, and they may know the material but because of their anxiety do terrible on the test. I also believe that not all tests are created equally, I truly believe their is a bias in some tests.

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