• Yes, Texas is systematically taking away a women's right to her own body

    Texas has signed one of the worst laws to be signed in American history (other than the Jim Crow laws which it supported whole heartedly too!) In Texas, it is easier to get a gun which is 100% more likely to end an actual living and breathing humans life then for a woman to get an abortion to help save her life. Hopefully the women of Texas will pry open the eyes of the misogynistic government they live under.

  • Most Fetal Defects Found After 20 Weeks

    The recent Texas 20 week abortion ban could force women to carry a fetus with severe birth defects to term. In many cases birth defects can be treated with modern medicine, but in the case where the child would die shortly after birth, be in a vegetative state, or have any other devastating, untreatable condition, mothers may want a late-term abortion. In fact, most birth defects are not detected until AFTER 20 WEEKS. The Texas abortion ban provides an exception for "severe fetal anomalies incompatible with life," BUT leaves to broad interpretation. Many serious birth defects could theoretically be argued to be compatible with life, even if the child would survive for only a short while after birth. And in Texas, there are many politicians who would gladly argue for the strictest interpretation to only protect their "true conservative" image.

  • Don't even know how they got passed.

    Honestly, abortion laws in Texas are, hands down, some of the most repressive, reactionary, inhumane and fundamentalist in a first world state. The laws currently in place effectively veto the freedom of choice and bodily autonomy rights of every pregnant woman in the state. Not even going into the fetus' 'rights' or that ethical side of things, the fact of the matter is that America, originally, was founded on the core ideal of freedom, and Texas is systematically taking that right away from their citizens purely dependent on gender and bodily function. Purely in itself, that is sickening and I'm not aware how it didn't get called out for violating basic human rights.

  • There should be no stigma to abortion

    Reproductive rights are not something that should be compromised. Controlling your family size is an absolute right that no one else should be in control of. Pregnancy is a horrific condition that destroys the female body. The only pregnancies that should be carried to term are those that are 100% planned 100% wanted.

  • They really are.

    Not to mention people should realise that it really isn't about saving foetuses like they want you to believe; it's just about controlling/punishing people who have uteri. I think that disgusting tweet that Erick Erickson posted, joking about coat hanger abortions and restricted access to a safe legal abortion, says a lot really. He is joking about reproductive health and rights. It's a joke to all of them, and they're laughing at their victims.

    Usually, a late term abortion, done at 20 weeks or after, is not because a pregnant person suddenly decided they want didn't want it after months like people think, it's because it was discovered that carrying the pregnancy would be a risk to them or the fetus wasn't going to live long are birth due to abnormalities.

    Reducing the number of clinics to only five is also ridiculous. Texas is huge, forcing people to travel long distances, unless they are lucky enough to live near one.

    These old white cis men (who don't have a uterus, will never have to carry a pregnancy, and so should not be imposing their laws on those of their citizens), are trampling on the rights on the living breathing people with uteri who are already here, apparently just for a clump of cells. They reduce these people to nothing more than their womb, not actual people, offering them less rights to their own bodily autonomy than a corpse.

    Why doesn't the majority see anything wrong with that?

  • It was intended to sidestep Roe V. Wade

    The purpose of the Texas statute was to try and make abortion essentially unobtainable without getting called out for violating Roe. By stating all abortion clinics must be within 30 miles of a hospital where the doctor performing them has admitting privileges AND they must meet the standards of an emergency surgical center (which is not at all what an abortion requires), they have basically made all but 5 clinics in the state illegal. All this will do is harm women's health, when the desperate are forced to resort to drastic measures and a black market on abortifacients springs up.

  • Yes, they'll never have the desired effect anyway.

    Firstly, I don't live in Texas, nor do I believe abortion is right. I do know that stricter laws aren't going to prevent much, when something becomes harder to obtain legally, be it an item or a service. There will inevitably be a rise in underground availability, its not hard to imagine how ugly (and dangerous) illegal abortions are. Again I do not believe in abortions, but I do believe in freedom of choice, if someone wants an abortion they'll have to live with their choice.

  • They are not strict enough.

    Since fetuses are life and they are people from the moment of conception there should be more protection for the unborn. Fetuses don't magically become living once they feel pain at 4-5 month (20 weeks). What makes a person a person? I believe when you have all human chromosomes are present you are then a unique human life, and since that is day one that is when abortion should be banned.

  • This law is actually quite moderate.

    Most European countries restrict abortions after 12 weeks and have stricter standards as to what clinics can perform them. In fact, in a few such countries, abortions can only be performed in hospitals. This doesn't seem to have harmed women's equality or whatever in those countries, so the same is probably true of Texas.

    Posted by: JDC
  • Not at all.

    Texas's new abortion laws serve to protect the sanctity of human life (to some extent) while guaranteeing that women are going to get adequate health care. Not to mention, it actually EXPANDS the number of places you can get abortions from 45 to over 400 (since all centers that comply with the law can perform abortions). This is an extremely reasonable law and I completely support it.

  • Abortion is the murder or babies.

    Scientists have acclaimed that the ability to feel pain after 20 weeks into pregnancy, for a fetus, is the same as the pain reaction of a new born baby. Texas' abortion laws only prevent this murder, and as the poster above said, are not strict enough.

    The right to life is an opportunity all people have. Many people justify abortions because when he or she is in a mother's stomach, the baby cannot be viewed. However, they are simply appalled when they hear about a new born baby being killed for any reason. It is a hypocrisy in itself; there is little difference between killing a baby in a mother's stomach or a few months later when it is outside.

    And for those people who strongly say abortion should be the Women's choice, women have plenty of chances to avoid pregnancy; first it is at conception, then at post-conception birth control, and then it is before the twenty week period. After the women has failed 3 times to make the correct choice, why give her a 4th chance, and give the baby none at all?

    The Texas abortion bill is indeed informally ridding the state of Texas from abortion, but for good reason. Texas is not being strict when it is diminishing some of the largest atrocities a civilized country can have.

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