• MOST Textbooks are expensive. Extremely Expensive.

    As a college student myself, i agree 100% that textbooks are getting way too expensive. What even worst, is that most classes now day are shifting toward a hybrid model, in which an online access code is required for "quizzes" and supplemental. I agree that the online access code is useful, but to get them require the student to purchase a NEW book, since most access codes are one-time used only. This further burden the students, as they can no longer go to the library to check out a book on reserve, but have to actually buy a $150+ new textbook. Additionally, students can't sell it back to other students to recuperate money after the quarter. (Selling back to the bookstore is a HUGE HUGE ripoff)

    To be fair, SOME textbooks are worth the price. I am a pre-med student, and some medical/science textbooks are expensive, but they are useful for years to come. Additionally, they are price similarly to textbooks that are "one-class used" only. Which raised another point. How does a textbook that is use for one class only be price the same as textbooks that are useful for years after the class is done?

    We need laws to protect students from book publishers.

  • Textbooks Too Expensive

    Yes, textbooks are far too expensive. A textbook is a gateway to knowledge, and for some reason, we as a society decide that it is alright to put an expensive toll on that gate. The gateway to knowledge would be far more acceptable if the price of textbooks were to drop.

  • Textbooks are becoming prohibitively expensive

    With the advent of e-books and cheaper printing technology, the excessive cost of textbook will soon make college too expensive for some. Another issue with the excessive cost of textbooks is many classes the professor may only use a portion of a book, not the whole text. So you may end up buying a book to only use for two chapters.

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