Are the 2015 Golden State Warriors one of the all time greatest teams?

Asked by: Jack_D
  • Warriors Ovi are they won the finals they have to be a good team

    Warriors beat the cavs and if they made it to the finals then they must be a good team and the won the finals so all that the warriors have to do is win this yeah i dont think that it will be hard this yeah because Stephen Curry ,and Clay Thomson are the Splash bros and they ovi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaree MVP'S of the yeah so the warriors are a good team.

  • They were good, but the competition was weak

    Golden.State had a remarkable season. It's not often you see teams go 67-15 and win an NBA title. But there were some breaks they caught to lead them to that point. First off teams like Portland and Oklahoma City were shorthanded. Portland lost Wes Matthews while Oklahoma City lost Kevin Durant.

    2nd they played a shorthanded Cavs team. They did not have Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving during that series. To add insult to injury, their second best player that whole series was Matthew Dellavadova, who while scrappy, is nowhere near the quality of Irving or Love.

    To be the best, you have to beat the best. The Warriors played numerous short-handed teams and that helped them considerably.

  • Great season, but a little way to go yet. Have to win at least one more.

    I love watching this team, I think Curry's a great player and a great person, and I have always liked Steve Kerr as a player. They had a terrific seasonStill, it's too early to say this is one of the greatest teams ever. It's been only one; the historically great teams such as Magic Lakers, Bird Celtics, Jordan Bulls,etc.) won multiple championships. If Warriors repeat then next year I change my vote to yes.

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