Are the Abrahamic religions incompatible with science?

  • Yes, They Are

    Yes, Abrahamic religions are indeed not compatible with science, or further stated, they are not compatible with logical reasoning in general. To believe in religion in general is to show that one does not believe in logical thought, and logical thought is the cornerstone of science and the scientific process for sure.

  • Yes, They are Incompatible

    The Abrahamic religions are incompatible with science due to science relying on established facts and religion relying on uninvestigable material. As it stands, religion provides answers for anything science has yet to explain; however, as science continues to expand, the amount of topics that religion can explain is simultaneously decreasing. Already the use of religion to explain things in the world is barely pertinent to the average person.

  • No, as far as Judaism is concerned, this is false.

    In Judaism, we have the Sages, who recounted with stunning accuracy, the Big Bang, the number of stars in the universe to be 10^18 stars, hundreds of stars in the pleiades (500 light yrs. Max), Pangea, dinosaurs described in full by our rabbis in the dark ages, etc.

    The Talmud even mentions human evolution - twice! Does this sound like an incompatibility with science? I think no.

    If anyone wants, they can write to me and I'll offer the sources.

  • Islam? Yes. Christianity and Judaism? No.

    Islam is incompatible with science based on its holy book, the Koran. The Koran says the earth is flat for one. However, Judaism and Christianity are compatible with science. There is much evidence for the Creation of earth as testified in the Torah (Genesis for Christians). There are dozens of Creation scientists giving great evidence for Creation, the Flood, and other Old and New Testament events in logic, science, history, and other fields of study.

  • No, the Abrahamic religions are not incompatible with science.

    The Abrahamic religions and religion in general are not incompatible with science. Science seeks to explain everything away in what it considers logical terms. Anything that cannot be explained by science therefore becomes illogical and hence considered not plausible or possible, or incompatible. If scientists broaden the way they think, and consider documented personal experiences, they would not even consider whether or not the Abrahamic religions are compatible with science.

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