Are the actions of hacktivist group anonymous mostly good for society?

Asked by: Bellatrix1
  • Their intentions are good!

    Anonymous are giving oppressed nations a voice and are helping shed light on hidden documents from government and corporations, that society has a right to have access to. They are fighting for good causes and promoting free speech to everyone. They are the epitome of a democratic society ! !

  • Here are some ways they have helped.

    A report shows that the group has shut down loads of CP (child porn) websites. Not only that, be their leak info that the American population needs to know about. Sadly I don't have enough time to go on so this is just kind've a filler at this point.

  • They are doing( or trying to do) a good thing

    I believe, after watching one of there videos about those planes disappearing, that the group known as anonymous is doing a good thing. That are trying to get useful information about are corrupt government to the common people so they know the truth. They use information the government doesn't want us to know to inform us on what's REALLY happening.

  • Hacktivism is fundamentally good

    Fundamentally, the goals of anonymous are good although sometimes they take it too far. Hacktivism is a form of protest that can give people information we deserve to know. They hold big business and governments available for corrupt actions. Of course, as an illegal and disorganized group there are some who overdo it but mostly hacktivists are fighting for good causes and protecting free speech.

  • Its not good

    How can they be good if they release private information of thousands of people and ruin peoples lives and shut down businesses. There are very few cases in which hacktivism actually benefited society and not just the individuals who initiated the attack. As a whole cyber attacks do not help people, they only harm.

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