Are the advancements in technology good (yes) or bad (no)?

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  • We all need technology

    First off, you needed some form of technology to post the against comments. And I can pretty much guarantee you weren't sat there complaining how terrible you thought the device you were using was. Technology is an amazing thing and it has enabled people like us to talk and debate over various topics and put our opinions forward. We need technology and it can further advance the human race.

  • It saves many lives.

    Many people use the technology today to call 911 in case of emergency. Also, the advances in technology help save lives in hospitals. It also on the other hand make things mush more efficient. This is why I think the technology today and the advancing technology is very very good.

  • I can't live without technology

    - The technology is important because it can connect people all over the world.
    - The technology can solve many medical problems and help people to live better.
    - Technology makes our lives easier by learning.
    - With technology we could do things easily and fast.
    - It's seen that our technology is able to help us always, and I must say we are dependent on this.

  • Where Would we Be?

    Without technology, what would our society be? Would we be able to defend ourselves from foreign threats? Would we be close to finding cures for previously incurable diseases? Would we be able to find ways to make earth a cleaner safer place through clean renewable energy? Would people be able to go about the chores of life with ease, and then be able to enjoy their free time with friends and family? No, no, no, and no. Technology is the backbone of our society

  • The advancements in technology is good.

    The advancements in technology is good. We would not be where we are today without the advancements that we already have in technology. I think the more advanced that we get then the better off that we can be. We have everything from social media to being able to pay our bills online.

  • Yes, advancements in technology are good.

    I believe that advancements in technology are good. Technology advancements in communication make it so much easier to stay in contact with people through cell phones, which are great for trips. Medical advancements have enabled people to live longer and fuller lives. I pods and other gadgets give us great ways to entertain ourselves. Our lives are much richer because of technology.

  • They are absolutely good.

    Technology has allowed for so much good in the world. It's helping to create more efficient well systems in Africa. It is allowing us to communicate across the globe instantly by voice on in video. It is helping us see to solve medical mysteries and to offer better serives for people.

  • Advancements are great

    The advancement in technology is a wonderful thing. Without the advancements we would be without so many things that make our every day life easier. From simple things like the computer and cell phone to more major things like electricity and vehicles. Even the simplest vehicle takes some sort of technology to operate and function. The better the advancement in technology the better we can make our everyday lives.

  • Yes, technology is helpful.

    Yes, advancements in technology are good, because technology is helpful to make people live longer and safer. Technology makes health and medicine better. Technology makes people able to drive to the hospital at faster speeds and on better roads. Technology makes drinking water safer. There are many reasons to appreciate what technology can do for our lives.

  • It Does not!!!!!!!

    According to the technology. Many children and adults don't join the eating session, many children don't eat because of technology. Technology is not good. It also make our grades low. It keep us looking down. But looking up will make a better future. I don't want to compete with u. But wish me luck.

  • No, advances in technology are bad . . . and good.

    I will take the opposing side for this one, even though I think medical advances have been very important and good for lengthening life expectancy. However, the technology referred to here is likely related to technology outside of the medical sphere. Overall, I find these to have some negative repercussions. Technology (automation) has taken away jobs from people. The television, computers, and video games encourage us to be far more sedentary, which can lead to obesity and diabetes. Technology also makes us more tied into gadgets and less connected, in person, with people. So, in these ways, I think technology is bad.

  • We didn't need it before, we don't need it now.

    Our society is too reliant on technology, while medical advancements are good, the more we improve our medicine, the stronger the diseases we fight them with get! The Flu is a perfect example of this, it used to be a disease we'd fight with simple un-prescribed flu syrup, now we have to get vaccines and pop pills just to make us unlikely to get it, then add ontop of the fact that it can now KILL us! Technology increases the amount of rare earth minerals we consume in production of said tech, and it only leads to more and more because we are greedy and destructive creatures. I use technology, and I love it, but it is BAD. The bad things in life tend to be what harms us most. And technology has blurred the line between WANT and NEED. In schools, kids break down crying if a teacher takes their phone away, I mean what the literal fuck?! I know a 1 year old that has an Iphone, a Ipad, a PS4, an Xbox 1, and a Wii U! The number of humans who can live without technology is dwindling further and further to 0, technology will end us if we do not end it.

  • We use to live with out it

    Do We Rely On Technology Too Much

    I believe that we do. You may be let down by it, in the 21 century there's a new divides in your house and that health facts aren't on there so they don't have the ways of telling you that it may be addicting to people of all ages. There were once heath facts on every game to give you warning on flashing lights or violence not rated T for teen or Pg for parental guidance Pg 13 for parental guidance for 13 and under, R for restricted, and E for everyone. How did those rating get there and if you think that there aren't that many than this is right for you. Here older stories on how people from the past thought would happen because of the big change in technological advances though today would be like. Those little glitches on Apple products are because of the big advancements. It costs a lot to get a newer devices come out to fast.

    ‘He came back 10 minutes later with a sheepish expression on his face. It was one of those accidents that couldn't possibly happen; we'd had one of those rare exceptions by earth's shadow that night: part of the air purifier frozen up.’ Feathered Friend by C. Clarke. In the story a $10000 piece of technology had not worked and the same is with our $200 phones. From a pole on 2197votes 13% never dropped there phone 27%say that they drop it one per month 41% say once or twice a week 19% can't even count them. Then if it brakes you pay $ 149.00 according to Apple.Com broken battery is $79.00 any other broken thins can cost up to $329 acoding to Apple.Com.

    If you're dog eats your phone don't worry that happens to lots of people 1person lost $350 and 1 friend after the dog ate the a friend's phone as soon as the owner termed her back. That happened to me dog chewed chewed the thing up and left it on my bed I it was a good thing throw it told me to spent more time with him. I spend a bit more time with him and he only about ate a shoes.

    Now on a more serious note what to do on technology too much and I answered yes and that is true to % of Mr. Schenck think yes and % say no and that's out of 24 kid and most of them say that it

    In the 201 century people rely on it too much. That if it brakes or crashes or other failures happen that we think that it's the end of existence that's what we all think in this day and age. We rely so much on it that we can't stop using it. But don't knows what is going to happen to the next generation. Workers have retained less values

  • No no no


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