Are the advances made by the Large Hadron Collider worth the expense to build and operate the device?

  • It is an opportunity to discover where we come from within the cosmos.

    Limited world wide research into particle physics is keeping the human race back from advancing therefore a project such as the LHC is instrumental in allowing world wide growth and development in areas such as space travel, medical research and rejuvenating the worlds general economy in areas such as Africa and Asia.

  • It is an investment for future technologies

    It is impossible to know what kind of things we will learn by doing basic research. It is not just nice to know how the universe was made, the LHC will hopefully give us a better understandig about particle fysics. Only when you understand something, you can make very usefull applications with it.
    If you think research is unneeded, then we shouldn't have researched electricity for example.
    Asking what applications LHC will bring to us is like asking hundreds of years ago why we would research about electrons in metals. Who would have thought we could one day build for example the world wide internet with it..

  • The advances made by the Large Hadron Collider are worth the expense to build and operate the device.

    The Hadron Collider will enable us to better understand particle and quantum physics and hopefully reveal to us more about our plane of existence and our place within it. This is the new frontier and its exploration should be very well funded. The Hadron Collider is an essential scientific project to us.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe the advances by the Large Hadron Collider are worth the expense to build and operate the device. Scientists are making break through discoveries that may one day lead to an explanation about how everything works together. If anything is likely to give us an answer, it would be from something like the Hadron Collider.

  • It is high-tech.

    Yes, the advances made by the Large Hadron Collider is worth the expense to build and operate the device, because it has led to some very high-tech discoveries. You cannot put a price on the most cutting edge science. It allows us to appreciate what makes the universe tick and why we are here.

  • Risk / Reward

    Yes, confirmation of the Higgs boson particle has taken humanity one step closer to understanding quantum physics however; how will this new knowledge be leveraged in the short term? Technology must be advanced further to take advantage of what is found, in order for application to practical situations. Humanity will benefit more from short term reward vs. Long term risk at this time. There are plenty of alternate scientific/research programs that can better use the millions.

  • Science has had its day

    Science relies entirely on the subject/object relationship. You can only understand the world so far through science. To truly understand our world and universe, one must look within. Ancient yogis knew this thousands of years ago. This is taking science too far. Waste of money. Nothing has come from it. Why is Higgs Boson considered the “God particle?” How did it come into being? There’s a never ending sequence of cause and effect with this type of reasoning that is derived from science.

  • Money Spent in Theory is Money Lost

    The large Hadron Collider, or CERN Supercollider, is a huge expense taking in billions of dollars on a regular basis for operation and future endeavors. What are the endeavors? Finding the origin of the universe and the future of the universe. Essentially, this is an expensive and massive scientific Tarot reading that will have a name and a potential Nobel Prize. There have been no medical advances, scientific breakthroughs that can be used environmentally, and there was an alleged potential to cause enough power to blast apart the planet during the finding of the Higgs-Boson Particle. Not only is the collider a waste of money and energy in not contributing anything of value to the world economy, medicine, the environment, or meaningful scientific breakthroughs, it is allegedly putting our planet at risk with experiments that involve splitting atoms more powerful and dangerous than a single nuclear warhead.

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