Are the air strikes on ISIS performed by the French Coalition a logical solution?

  • I think it is a good idea

    ISIS bombed Paris and killed hundreds of people. So what are you supposed to do? Wait for ISIS to kill more people? Someone has to take action, and if U.S. or U.K. are not going to do anything, then who is? France is getting rid of ISIS for us while every other country is cowering.

  • Yes, the air strikes are primarily on training camps which will keep ISIS from growing stronger

    Yes, the air strikes on ISIS are a logical solution. ISIS is using the modernization of social media to recruit members from all over the world at an alarming rate. President Obama and Vladimir Putin have disagreed on the appropriate strategy from defeating ISIS for a long time and every day that they keep arguing, ISIS becomes even more of a threat. We have already seen one attack on US soil and now another on French soil. It is clear that ISIS considers France and the USA enemies so we should expect even more attacks of a larger scale. France made the right decision by acting as soon as possible. Especially since they are targeting ISIS training camps which will contain their group and make it easier to take them down. In fact, I believe that if France had not acted when they did, it might have been too late by the time anyone else made a move.

  • What is the point of doing the same thing in response?

    There is absolutely no purpose in killing innocent people through air strikes simply in retaliation to a terrorist attack. It is a shame that the French government sees logic in revenge. It is a clearly immoral response, and in cases like these where someone has committed an immoral act, our governments have the responsibility of not continuing the immorality. We have a duty to take the high road.

  • French air strikes not logical.

    In the face of terror, sometimes the best solution is not violence. Responding immediately to the attacks by bombing ISIS has already been tried and failed. What the French needs, is intelligence before they react. Intel is vital in overcoming such an organized and widespread group as ISIS. Find out where their leaders are first before bombing. This way, there is less collateral.

  • It's a pointless demonstration of force

    France is falling victim to the same insecurities the United States fell to after 9/11, which is using billions of dollars to demonstrate superiority over people who were able to traumatize them with a few guns. They're also giving in to exactly what ISIS wants, which is an overreaction against everyone else to better demonstrate the West's hatred of Islam. France should not change any policies as a result of the Paris attacks.

  • No probably not, at least not in a city

    ISIS wants us to strike them. The reason all this stuff happened was because of American intervention in the Middle East, with some help from the Soviets too. These caused far more civilian casualties than terror attacks in the west, and creates an anti-western attitude in Middle East. Thus people join and fight against the west. ISIS is not Al-Qaeda. Yes they are more brutal, but they lack the CIA training and supplies to be able to effectively target western places like Al-Qaeda did at 9/11. Their aim is to unify the Middle East into a single Islamic Caliphate, not to strike at us. The more we strike at them the stronger they get and the more they want to attack us. Not to mention that most of the high ranking ISIS dudes probably left the main sites after the attack. Airstrikes have already slowed down ISIS's advance massively, and it should be up to the rest of the Middle East to stop it, I do not want foreign nations to get blamed for muddling in stuff and killing more civilians.

  • No I don't

    I agree that it's very important for France to protect themselves. Especially after what just recently took place in Paris. However, I think this would just make things worse. I think this will be the result of even more violence and attacks. I hope this doesn't end up being the case.

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