• I think so.

    The current generation that is making their way through undergraduate and graduate schools are becoming more and more interested in politics and socialism. The generation is learning that they can have a voice if they try hard enough to make it heard, and they're learning that socialism seems to be logical.

  • The success of Bernie Sanders

    While Sanders will not likely beat out Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, his success in making socialism less of a bad word in America has shown a swaying of the tides toward more socialist ways of thinking. Our middle class is eroding and while I do not believe socialism is the answer, a bit more help for the common working man would be nice.

  • The American people are becoming more interested in socialistic ideals.

    Historically, Americans have been more capitalistic than socialistic, but socialistic ideals have started to become more accepted and discussed in the media. Redistribution of wealth via taxing the upper one percent and public health care are hot political issues debated in election campaigns. Americans are increasingly receptive to communal programs such as community gardens.

  • Unfortunately I think so

    I think this is the topic of our generation and era. I think the American people are definitely becoming more interested in socialism. There's many reasons for this, but all are sad. We have people that have become too wealthy, we have people that can't take care of themselves, and we have people that are downright lazy. This is all a recipe for increased interest in socialism.

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