Are the Anglo-Saxons (the ancient group that invaded England) underrated in history?

Asked by: Adam2
  • People hate them more than the Normans

    Ever notice how the KKK described the Normans? "The early protype of the Nazis, Catholic scum, fascists, immoral." It seems like in today's world they're seen as the prototypes of the KKK. I think they are underrated a bit. Though they may be bad, I'm sure the Saxons did some good.

  • Completely undeniably underrated

    There can be no other answer to this question yes the Anglo-Saxons are without a doubt underrated in history, they cannot be considered as nothing more than invaders looking for quick plunder. For one thing the Celts has already invaded and made most of the united kingdom their own centuries before the arrival of the Romans, like them the Anglo-Saxons took the land and made it their own but this is not the end of the story they strengthened the land that they took and held off the Viking invasions. And for the claim that modern England and Britain was created by the Romans, Normans and Monks, the Romans came to Britain before the Anglo-Saxons and most of their influence had already been forgotten, the monks were in England during the Anglo-Saxon period as England was converted to Christianity during there times and as for the Normans yes they created modern England but England as a united country was created from smaller kingdoms by the Anglo-Saxons who even gave their name to the country and if you check history you will also find that the Normans only replaced the ruling elite and even by the time of Agincourt in 1415 the common soldiers and archers were still considering themselves as Saxons. But the biggest proof comes from the program The British the seven part documentary which claimed to be the last 2000 years of British history yet skipped from the romans leaving to the Norman invasion a space of 500 years, an entire quarter of the supposed time period of British history that contained the creation of the unified kingdoms of England, Scotland and Wales, the only British leader to ever earn the title The Great and the creation of the British way of life that would evolve over time into what we know today.

  • Anglo-Saxons are Underrated

    Without a doubt, the Anglo-Saxons are underrated in history. They invaded England many centuries ago and caused some serious havoc in the area. Their contributions in history shouldn't be ignored either. The Anglo-Saxons deserve a lot more credit and notoriety than they receive in contemporary history today, which is a shame.

  • The biggest legacy they left behind was the name.

    We need to realise that the Angles and Saxons did not create modern England or Britain for that matter. They were arguably just marauding pagans who settled on ground avoidant to the Roman Empire. Yes, they were earlier settlers, however the Romans, Normans and monks created modern England and Britain.

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