Are the arguments against gay marriage going to have any effect on its existence?

  • Yes, they will

    If those who are against gay marriage just sit back and be quiet, then it will be passed easily. Though, as long as people keep sharing their opinions about why they're against it, legislation has to realize that a large group of people are against it, and they can't just pass laws when so many are opposed.

  • I think it will

    The more people talk about it. The less people will want to have a gay marriage. I think it will surely affects it because no want wants to be the first one to do something. I think because it is not legal has a affect on it to but it could be both.

  • Talking about it will definitely effect it.

    If you argue about a topic it will always have an effect depending on how you choose to speak about it. Gay marriage is not accepted by everyone which makes the topic a difficult one to deal with. People need to realize that the only way to deal with it is to be fine with it. They are treating it similar to racism in the past. People are who they are and they should not have to deal with negativity about others opinions on them.

  • Fighting gay marriage is unjust and changing history.

    The people that were proponents of slavery and against civil rights altered history. They were wrong, but they altered history. The same thing can be said of the folks that are fighting against gay marriage. They are changing history but will be seen as the losers and rejects like the racists.

  • Arguments against gay marriage are going to have an effect on it's existence

    Arguments against gay marriage are going to have an effect on its existence. This is because of the fact that gay marriage is not a thing that is legal everywhere. Arguments against gay marriage effectively prevent people from having the ability to get married if they are gay again and again.

  • Yes, it is a discussion.

    Yes, the arguments against gay marriage are going to have an effect on its existence, because there has still been an ongoing discussion in the United States about gay marriage and its place in society. One only needs to consider the recent controversy caused by a star of Duck Dynasty, and the response in support, to know that the issue of gay marriage is far from settled.

  • We Live In A Time Where The Media Controls Things

    Ever been noticing lately that the mainstream media has been in support of modern day feminists, Black Lives Matter, Hilary Clinton,the LGBT, and Antifa? It's as if they're trying to push these things down out throats....Especially with the whole pride month thing on YouTube.

    Well this is a theory,but the mainstream media is what determines our future. I've seen a rise in black lives matter activists, Trump haters, feminists, etc...And the media won't stop pushing these things into us...It's as if they want a new order in this nation.

    Meanwhile you have people like Ben Shapiro who are exposing delusion that the media is trying to mainstream and guess what, he gets banned from campuses and has protests against him...

    It doesn't even matter if the LGBT community does silly protests for gay marriage rights; as long as the media is there to show huge support for it, a reform shall happen.

  • I don't believe they will have much of an effect.

    All arguments against gay marriage involve either religion or nature. Religion is separated from state, so those arguments aren't even legally allowed to be used. Also, the arguments saying it is unnatural are stupid because homosexuality is observed in many other species of animals. The rest of the arguments are pretty bad and even if used in protest would not have enough of a reason for gay marriage to be illegal.

  • Arguments against gay marriage will NOT deter gay marriage from existing!

    Yes, I am fully aware that just because a state passes a law that allows same-sex couples to marry, homophobic sentiment will not just disappear. The same thing occurred in the enactment of the Civil Rights Act into law. Racism didn't disappear, and in 2014 there are still people who have racist sentiments and tendencies. There were arguments against equal rights for non-"whites" then, and there are arguments against equal rights for people who are not heterosexual. But obstacles will not prevent people from getting their God-given right to live as they see fit.

  • No, arguments against gay marriage won't impact it being legal.

    Even though people may argue against something, that doesn't typically have an impact on something, unless they are in the majority. As an example, people argue against abortion rights, but they aren't in the majority, so the law is not overturned. Judges also have the ability to overturn rulings against gay marriage. So, whether someone is against it or not, their opinion overall doesn't count if that person is not in the majority.

  • Arguments will not destroy it

    Even though gay marriage is perhaps one of the best debated topics there currently are, I personally don't see who all of these arguments are going to help abolish it, let alone have any really negative outstanding affect on it. When people believe they are in love, they are going to most likely stick to it.

  • No, homosexuality is here to stay.

    I'm a strong believer in Christianity and take the bible seriously, but even I think that homosexuality is a choice that we have no right to interfere with. I'm not going to be a big activist about the subject, but I definitely think that if two men or women love each other and want to get married or have sex then they can do that and we should not care. It's their life and we need to except this obvious reality because this is a new era in human history and we aren't slowing down for the people who have been left behind in the last century.

  • The arguments against gay marriage are not going to have any effect on its existence.

    The arguments against gay marriage are flimsy and subjective. Essentially, some people jus do not like gay marriage for their own subjective reasons. In a free country, most people see gay marriage as an important civil right. Although many people do not support gay marriage, the majority of people do.

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