• Yes, the Cardinals are ridiculously unlucky

    It doesn't take a football genius to know that the quarterback is the most important player on the field: they are the general that directs the army in response to the ever-changing situation on the field. That the Cardinals have had injuries with their quarterbacks really is terrible luck. Sure, there are back-ups, but these guys have not had nearly as many snaps with the first string team as the first string quarterback. There are bound to be problems.

  • You wanna know what unlucky is? Being a Raiders fan.

    Just be grateful you have a winning football team. What wouldn't I give to have the raiders have a winning season like that the cards. I don't care what happens, who gets hurt, just give us a winning season one time. Thats all i ask. Is that too much to ask?

  • Arizona Cardinals are not unlucky

    The Arizona Cardinals are not unlucky. The fans of the popular team might not agree with so many losses, but the issues of luck is not what makes people win or lose. The issues around the team has to do with how the players interact on the field and their focus on the game. It's not expected the Cardinals will do well, so they aren't pushed to the limit to make themselves lucky.

  • No, the Cardinals aren't the most unluck team.

    The Arizona Cardinals have suffered some pretty big setbacks this season. They lost their quarterback, Carson Palmer, for the season several weeks ago. They have lost several running backs as well. Then, last night, while winning the game, they lost their capable QB, Drew Stanton. All that said, they still have 11 wins. Many teams wish they were that unlucky.

  • The success they've achieved shows some form of luck.

    While the Arizona Cardinals have been plagued by injuries, particularly at the quarterback and running back positions, they have managed to maintain success and the best record in the NFC thanks to a great defense. It's arguable that other teams with similar defensive talent but worse records, such as the St. Louis Rams and the Jacksonville Jaguars, are unluckier than the Cardinals.

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