• Yes, they are

    As someone who has more recently been turned on to the benefits of the arts in general, I find myself frankly overwhelmed with how many places I can go to in order to see such things. I think there is plenty of access for people who want to see the arts.

  • Yes, arts are readily accessible.

    With the advent of the Internet, it is easier for anyone to gain access to art classes. Many are available for free and can be reached by going to the nearest public library. There are also many Internet forums that one may join that can help budding artists exchange information. If one does not have access to the Internet, there are various art galleries that hold free days which allow anyone to visit and get acquainted with the works.

  • They are not

    I don't think that we currently have enough ability to access the arts as we really should have. There are not enough art venues, and the ones that do exist cost way too much time and effort to get in to. This is something that needs to be worked on.

  • No, the arts are not accessible enough.

    With the increasing costs with attending events, arts are being priced out of the reach of the average individual and family. From movie tickets to concert performances, the prices are rising. It makes it very difficult for those with low to moderate incomes to be able to participate in the arts experience.

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