Are the arts (Band, Drama, Etc.) more Important than Sports

Asked by: Fritstopher
  • Follow your own beat

    I think that the arts are far, far more important than sports, sport is an utterly pointless activity, children are prompted that sport is more important, but it isn't, all that sport prompts is competition, between countries, cities and regions, and it tells us that mind does not matter, but muscles do the arts, are all about mind, personality and freedom to follow your own thoughts, as opposed to following someone else`s.
    Are the arts more important than sports? You bet they are

  • Both are Important

    Both can be very important for people, however I have a preference towards the arts because it allows for more expression and creativity. Sports are a great way to build teamwork and physical fitness skills, but arts based programs can also encourage teamwork (through collaborative projects and group productions) and competition (through the auditioning process),and even though it is much less physical to say, paint a portrait than to run around a field several times, it is more of a mental exercise

  • Arts reinforces teamwork too...

    Only no one ever has to sit on the bench. I won't say that sports aren't important, but what do you think you more likely be doing when you're 65: playing piano or running for the end-zone? Arts has been proven to unlock the same sections of the brain that relate to motor development that sports do, only without the concussions, broken collar bones, torn ligaments, etc. Additionally, studies in music have also been linked to the development of fine motor and linguistic skills as well as a student's ability to adapt and relate in real world environments. Would I tell someone to never play sports in high school? Absolutely not. People should live as they choose.

  • Both are important

    Both the arts and sports are important to students. Sports help children build healthy exercising habits and teamwork and social skills. Arts also help students build focus and help them stick to their goals. I think that schools should provide extracurricular activities in both the arts and sports. They can help student relax after stressful classes.

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  • Both important. Can't discuss!!!

    Both arts and sports give us plenty of benefits. Arts help you to improve your mental and sports improve your physical. We, human need both. If we have issue in mental (means you are crazy or have disease like ADHD) or physical(week, diabetes, heart diseases . . .. Because when you don't play sports. Your hearts get problems) PROBLEMS!!!! Therefore, we can't discuss which is important.

  • Definitely not in my book

    I don't think that the arts are as important as sports. Sports, like the arts, give people life lessons that can help them. Sports offer the teamwork aspect and a dedication to something and to get better. Similarly, the arts offer a chance to dedicate one self to something and strive to get better. The arts are not more important, and in my opinion, sports can have a greater influence on a persons life, even individual sports.

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AnyDifference says2015-09-01T16:46:03.790
Neither warrants more importance than the other when really it all comes down to personal preference.