• Yes, for each and every student!

    Our society today is loosing a respect for cultural values and is loosing connection to the past. People are allowed to express themselves through art classes. The arts are what gets passed down from generation to generation, whether it be through stories, paintings, music, theatre, or dance, the arts are what the future generations will have of us. So, what are going to give them?

  • I am majoring in art

    Art is vital. It's a way for kids to express themselves and a way for them to speak without having to put it into words. Just because not everyone has artistic abilities doesn't mean it should be cut. Art is graded on how hard the child worked on their projects not on how great it is.

  • The People need art

    Art helps support education in many ways. The arts help in learn things in new ways that are different then the normal way of sitting in a boring classroom and take notes. If you go and ask businesses what type of people they look for. They look for people that have taken classes in the arts where they learned many skills like quick thinking, works well and quickly, gets the work done efficiently and many other things. English and Mathematics is all important, they teach you what you need to learn for the world, but so do the arts like theater and art classes and music classes. They teach you how to deal with real life situations. I don't think learning the circumference of a circle or how to predict if kids with have blue eyes will help you when you interview for a job. And not everybody is the best at arts I know that all to well. But it's not about if you can act Shakespeare correctly or make a painting better then Vincent Van Gogh, it teaches real life situation, not if you are going to be the next greatest actor or artist.

  • Arts are as important, if not more important, than science and literacy

    Please do your research before you write. Topics to get you introduced to the cognitive mind are: Cognitive thinking, sputnik and the effects it had on education and society, Elliot W. Eisner, the list is endless, so please become informed. I have had a very successful career in the Arts and continue to do so with a house, good cars, caravan, family, etc. all funded by my arts career. Are you telling me I am not successful with a Bachelor of Design and Masters of Teaching?

  • Art is sooooooo important

    I love art it is a way for children to express themselves, create a world of feelings, and interests. Children can let art free them as they let their feelings flow onto a page. Art is a subject that can connect with you personally, rather than something like math. Its right or wrong. Art is more about perceiving. Why grade? I don't fully agree with it. But it gets rid of slackers I guess:)

  • Art is a fundamental part of living.

    It is sad to think that people do not regard art as highly as other academic subjects. It is a huge part of the society we live in and encompasses a vast array of different cultures and valued opinions. Life would not be as we know it today had it not been for the creative minds that help to fabricate just about everything we see around us. It is a visual method of communication with no language barriers, to take that away is to take away a valuable part of culture and of society itself.

  • Arts Grow Creativity

    I think one of the hardest things about getting older is losing the ability to be creative. Arts is one of the only educational tools the world has to foster creativity. Since creativity can help in all other facets of learning and art helps grow creativity, I believe art is almost essential.

  • Art is important for kids imagination and life

    I think kids need this assessment because studies show that art calms down the brain and still gives an education at the same time. Despite the art haters I think art can help you with some of the most important jobs, such as being an architect and even a scientist.I know that art is a project that gives you a chance to express your mind and imagination into real life, like drawing about your dream job would express what you want to be as a grown up ,and all this art can help you with a new topic that you want to be.

  • I love art in every way.

    Without art, school would be a boring place were kids can't express their feelings. I know that sounds dumb but it's not. Plus, it is very important to many kids to show that they are different with art. It also can connect kids together, making friends and teach them new skills.

  • Art develops the brain in many ways that you can't get in other subjects.

    Art enhances creativity which stimulates the right side of the brain, this promotes better learning in all areas. Art also develops fine motor coordination, which is essential for many skills like handwriting, typing, cooking, playing a musical instrument and even tying your shoes. Losing the arts would be a great loss to the education system.

  • Depends, but often not the way it is taught.

    1. Define "art". That itself is one of the biggest issues with this debate. The importance of "art" in education highly depends on how you define it. More traditional definitions can be in very high conflict with modern, post-modern or contemporary definitions. Also depends on whose definition you accept. Should common folk be able to be part of the discussion of what constitutes art, or is this limited only to the art intellectual elite? Do we fail at art if our views conflict with the "experts"?
    2. Potential for abusive grading. By most definitions art is intensely subjective. Students who rely on good grades to pursue an advanced degree in a STEM field or need to impress an employer with good grades that demonstrate how intelligent and diligent they are at an unfair disadvantage if they fail an art class because they cannot compete artistically with their peers, cannot see eye-to-eye with a professor when interpreting a piece of art, or cannot produce a work that the professor considers worthy of a passing grade, either because it is not inspiring enough, not bold enough, not original enough, not "modern" enough, not "abstract" enough, or any number of subjective reasons by which art it judged. Granted, the failing here is how school grades are often inappropriately used to judge a person's work ethic, character, dedication, IQ or suitability for a particular function. School grades often are a depiction of how a person performed WHILE learning material in a course. Many students can be slower at learning new material while after the completion of a course they may be just as proficient as their peers.
    3. Time and priority. Students who have an interest in art should be granted opportunities to develop skills they desire. Those seeking careers in the arts will likely need to put much more time into art instruction and performance than non-artists. For them, portfolios, showings, gradings, recitals, competitions, performances, critiques and recommendations will be very important. Learning to read sheet music, to play an instrument proficiently, to dance ballet, to chisel marble sculptures, or to sketch freehand with precision detail; these skills all take dedication to master. Yet, not everyone needs to be equally proficient at all of these skills to have purposeful and fulfilling lives. On the contrary, those pursuing STEM interests and careers often find that they must devote a huge part of their life to studying very intense and challenging math and science. It has been a long established fact that those entering the medical profession must accept that their life will be medicine and very little room for much of anything else. Forcing such students to take essential time away from their demanding studies so they can be forced to be more "well rounded" by spending hours each day for years on end practicing an instrument, writing poetry, acting in plays and/or creating works of visual art can result in a student that is just overstressed and not successful at anything.

  • Listen to me and listen good

    Art was a big thing in the renaissance and enlightenment times but those people in the past screw up a lot. Right now no one uses art anyway unless they want to be graded which in that case your teacher would think he/she is better than you just because he/she is your teacher. We are advanced people now. We have a lot of stuff and one thing art has brought was violence with or without guns or any lethal weapon. It was art who gave us outside distractions. Because of art now in days in this modern world of ares people mostly don't go outside and enjoy nature.

  • Read this supporting argument

    It is not important because it won't give you a job! Sadly. Our world is based on money. Being an artist will not give you success in life. A passion is one thing and a actual job is another. Yes you can love to do your job but DRAWING ISN'T A JOB!

  • Time is crucial

    Maths and english are important and we have got too little maths and too much arts. These dont get you anywhere as near as the academic subjects do. This is why Britain is falling behind, we have too much 'fake subjects'. We need proper subjects not expressing your feelings. That is done in English.

  • I believe that Art is unimportant in education.

    In education, we learn about science, physics, biology, mathematics, languages, and other things. Why do we need art? What is it good for? Can I get a decent, respectable job for it? Can I contribute to society and humanity with art? It is not "important" to education. We also have cameras and the internet, which completely reduces the need for artists.

  • Art is not education

    People are born with artistic abilities so it is not fair to grade people on it. It can bring down your average that could affect if you get to university. You are born with that gift and, yeah, people who are good at it say it is needed, but I think that it is not fair.

  • Art is not as important today as it was in the past.

    Gone are the days of Da Vinci, Botticelli and Picasso. Welcome to the twenty-first century, where beautiful landscapes and sunny days can be captured with the click of a button on a camera, imperfection in images can simply be perfected by 'Instagram-ing' it and where we can showcase our artistic abilities to an audience of 5 billion on You Tube.

    Posted by: amar
  • "Read supporting argument"

    Aren't needed they take to much time and even the little more time could mean quicker development of more advanced technology which could give us a even bigger hand and maybe even space travel. At the most wee could evolve even faster as a species in general so arts are unimportant.

  • Why art? Not science

    Art is not needed at all. Art is not a vital subject and it is just a waste of time. Students who go through education should learn science, language, math and those kinds of subjects like art that require creativity. Art is also unfair because it is good for those people who have flair. It gives pressure to students too. No need for art!

  • Art classes are not necessary.

    When elephants start doing calculus and chemistry
    then art will be valued as much as STEM classes. Paintings made by elephants are selling and are highly valued by art community . Art obviously does not need to be taught in schools. Don't force students to waste precious time on frivolous activities.

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arts is really fun!!!