• Yes, some stock market of Asian country are the strongest right now

    Yes , as you may know currently some Asian country such as China, India , Japan, Singapore is the richest in Asian that have strong economic index and they still last their economic health . Additionally currently China is world strongest economic that we can expect and believe that some some stock market within Asian country are strongest right the way.

  • Yes, I agree that Asian stock markets are one of the strongest.

    Although we have some really good stocks here in North America there is a lot more production and business going on in the Asian market. Hence the reason why I think it is one of the strongest markets out there right now. They have a lot of room to fluctuate but all in all I think they will be able to keep the lead!

  • Yes, Asian stock markets are some of the strongest right now.

    Asian stock markets have the advantage over some of the West's stock markets. This is because they didn't come into capitalism early and have to struggle through it like many other countries, including the US, did. They were able to sit back, observe it, and then implement its successes without dealing with its failures.

  • Asian markets are not that strong

    Asian markets are not that strong. This is because things fluctuate and sometimes people, especially analysts, go by the performance of a few days on a specific market. One thing about the stock markets is that people get overly emotional about them and form assessments based on quick highs and lows.

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