• He was greedy.

    He went for gold and took the land away from the Indians. He says “Gold is most excellent; gold is treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world.” that proves he only wanted gold. Christopher Columbus enslaved many Indians to get what he wanted, treasure.

  • The demon beyond.

    He knows that he can't govern a country. Yet he keeps the name "governor" of Hispaniola. Fortunately, Columbus lost the name for his bad response and result of the little nation. According to the children book Encounter, it states a serpent smile when th natives traded gold with the Europeans or Spanish.

  • Christopher Columbus was a cruel person.

    To achieve what he wanted, Christopher Columbus killed people (Native Americans). Textbook and teachers glorify how he discovered the Americas. But the question is how did he discover a place that was already discovered? People already lived here, so they must have found this land first. Also, he wanted to mark this land as his for his country. He was thinking of a way to make money. How could he take credit for something he didn't do.

  • Christopher Columbus was a greedy explorer

    The facts clearly point out that Christopher Columbus was a greed explorer with the intentions to find more land to take for Spain. His original intentions was to find India, but when he found the new world, he sought opportunities to take over the land, thus the Spain Invasion that would later happen for centuries to come.

  • Christopher Columbus was greedy and horrible.

    It is quite despicable that we celebrate Christopher Columbus day. Not only was he not the first person to discover the America's, but he was one of the worst humans ever. He enslaved an entire race of people, and if they ever refused to work he would cut off their hands and feet. He was a sick man.

  • He went for gold.

    Yes, the available Christopher Columbus facts are indicative of a greedy explorer, because most of the explorers went to find new trade routes. Most progress is spurred by a desire to make money. Columbus was among those who wanted to make a profit. It is hard to criticize him for wanting to accomplish something that turned into profit.

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  • No, American history does not paint Columbus as greedy.

    History, as it is taught in America classrooms, often glorifies Christopher Columbus. They paint him a the "discoverer of America," when that really was not the case. A day is even celebrated in his honor every year. And yes it's a federal holiday too. While Columbus probably actually was greedy, circulating facts about him, at least in the U.S., portray him as a hero.

  • Man of his times

    Columbus was a man of his times; when he came upon land that was claimed by no country, he claimed it in the name of his patron and then brought back samples of the land. Subsequently, while a cruel governor in the new world, he acted the way he believed he was entitled to act - cruel, inhuman, honestly evil, but not technically greedy.

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