Are the 'baby hatches' in China beneficial to the abandoned child's well being?

  • And Down Will Come Baby, But Baby Survives!

    Recently, a story hit the news that a baby had been cut out alive from a toilet drain pipe as the mother desperately had given birth in her bathroom (too impoverished to give birth in a hospital, but still claiming to want the child and fighting to keep him afterwards). This story’s articles all stated that this was not an uncommon occurrence in China and that infants get flushed down toilets or dumped into rivers regularly. The government’s answer to this issue was to have baby-drop boxes for mothers who could not afford to care for their children or did not want to lose the freedom of a single and child-free life. When it was announced that the number of drop boxes would diminish (which are staffed by nurses and volunteers that take in the children, give them proper medical care and legal documentation, and then help place them in either orphanages or foster care) until they disappear entirely, the country and the Catholic Church both began an outcry pointing out that the number of mass baby-bodies in rivers and pipes had diminished with the presence of the boxes. If statistics shows that the presence of an item reduces an incident, then it is logically beneficial to whatever is being affected by the incident. Without baby-hatches, even more infants will likely be found in pipes or mass piles in rivers as low access to birth control and sex education in China, birth rates have increased greatly, but with poverty rampant and unprepared youths having unprotected sex, more and more infants are being born into situations that their parents or simply mother cannot handle in any other way she sees than getting rid of them. A baby-hatch allows a mother to get rid of them with medical and legal assistance, the other options are grisly and disturbing, but somehow seem alright to a desperate young woman in an oppressive society.

  • More girls in society.

    Yes, the baby hatches in China are beneficial to the abandoned child's well being, because the child would prefer to be alive than to be murdered by her own parents. This also gives the child a chance to grow up free from the authority of parents who do not really want it.

  • Giving safe place to abandon babies will be befnifecial

    I think that the baby hatches in China are completely beneficial for abandoned kids well being. It gives parents a safe way to leave babies without hurting them or putting the babies in harm ways. Yes initially there could be a larger number of kids left but it is better then the alternative of the babies getting killed or just left somewhere where you have no idea what will happen to them.

  • The unwanted children in China deserve at least half a chance at being adopted by someone who wants them.

    Despite what a lot of people seem to want to believe, a woman cannot be forced into wanting or caring for a baby just because she got pregnant. If a woman can't or doesn't want to be a mother, she should not have to be because not only will she be miserable, the child will be too. It's well-known that unwanted children suffer abuse, neglect, and are murdered by their parents at higher rates than planned children.
    While far inferior to an effective birth control program, the baby hatch idea is better than leaving children in the hands of people who definitely don't want them and might even kill them. That way, at least the child might get adopted into a family that does want them and can provide for them. It's a slim chance, but they're here now and there's little other option. The state will feed, clothe, and shelter them at the very least.

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