• They are okay, but not revolutionists

    The Beatles didn't change/invent rock like it's said they did. The music of the '50s had a strong rock, doo wop influence, The Beatles and many other bands of the '60s just added onto it.

    Doo Wop rock just turned into Hippie Rock. Not a revolution of music, just a split of rock into a new sub-genre, which happens all the time in music.

    The Beatles were just poster boys of this sub-genre, the most well known band of a new sub-genre.

    They didn't change music forever, they just added a new sub-genre into rock and this sub-genre grew throughout the '60s, the Beatles were just the pioneers of it, and they rode the wave of hippie rock trend to fame.

    They're said to be "the greatest and most influential act of the rock era.". Their music is okay, it's not that bad. But it is very plain, boring and slow. Lend me your comb is the perfect example of a typical Beatles song.

    Overall, they are okay. They're not bad at all. They're very talented even. But they're fairly average.

  • Not that good.

    They weren't very good, and their songs were usually quite basic and boring, plus the two singers (McCartney and Lennon) weren't very good at all, as shown in their singles. They have the odd good song I admit, such as: Hey Jude and In My Life. But that is it.

  • The Beatles are the most overrated band and get way too much credit.

    There are so many claims that The Beatles "revolutionized" music and were the greatest composers of the century.As a musician myself,their music was no more technically complex than their peers (Herman's hermits,Freddie and the dreamers,Gerry The Pacemakers,The Dakotas) and made simple,sappy pop tunes.They were pretty much the Jonas Brothers of their time.Paul,John, and George never did anything spectacular and none of them could ever play fast arpeggios like Yngwie Malmsteen,Ritchie Blackmore,Dave Mustaine or Marty Friedman and Ringo is a mediocre drummer at best,I've seen kindergarteners play better than this clown,I was listening to them and his drumming sounded like footsteps.
    They have to be the most over-hyped,overly marketed,over-credited band in history,I am so tired of seeing them on TV and all their dumb merchandise everywhere. If it weren't for Brian Epstein,they would have been picking up garbage for a living.

  • Nothing too special

    For what it's worth, there were plenty of other great bands during that time period from a multitude of different genres, not just rock and roll, that were able to shape music for the future. I personally don't find anything overly amazing about the music of the Beatles when compared to other bands.

  • Timing is everything and The Beatles were at the right place at the right time.

    With the Elvis craze going on, The Beatles came on the scene at the perfect time in music history. Their music was fun, innovative, cheesy, yet cool. Their fashion (haircuts and suits) were a perfect match. Their music was bubble gum by some standards, but they were excellent musicians. Still, the total quality and substance of some of their music was lacking. Of all their albums, I could easily pick out 8 songs that are worth hearing. The others, not so much.

  • The Beatles Were Brilliant!

    I can't even post all of the strong information that demonstrates why The Beatles are *not* ''overrated'' at all.As The All Music Guide says in their excellent Beatles biography "That it's difficult to summarize their career without restating cliches that have already been digested by tens of millions of rock fans, to start with the obvious,they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century.""Moreover they were among the few artists of *any* discipline that were simultaneously the best at what they did *and* the most popular at what they did." They also say as singers John Lennon and Paul McCartney were among the best and most expressive in rock.

    Also on an excellent site,The Evolution of Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style by bass player Dennis Alstrand,Stanley Clarke,Sting,Will Lee,Billy Sheehan,George Martin and John Lennon are quoted saying what a great,melodic and influential bass player Paul has always been.


    And Wilco's John Stirratt was asked in Bass Player which bass players have had the most impact on his playing and the first thing he said was, Paul McCartney is one of the greatest bass players of all time,if you listen to what he was tracking live in the studio it's unbelievable." "With his tone and musicality he was a huge influence,he covered all of his harmonic responsibilities really well but his baselines were absolutely melodic and inventive."


    In this 2010 interview the blogger says that John Stirratt has an affinity for good melodies so it's not surprising that Paul McCartney is one of his musical icons and then he quotes him saying that he's always absolutely in awe of his playing,including Paul's Beatles years.


    And in an online 1977 Eric Clapton interview,Eric Clapton In His Own Words he says that there was always this game between John and George,and he said partly because John was a pretty good guitar player himself .He played live with John as a member of John's 1969 Plastic Ono Band.

    And there is a great online article by musician and song writer Peter Cross,The Beatles Are The Most Creative Band Of All Time and he says that many musicians besides him recognize Paul as one of the best bass guitar players ever.He too says that John and Paul are the greatest song composers and that to say that John and Paul are among 2 of the greatest singers in rock and roll is to state the obvious,and that John,Paul and George were all excellent guitarists and that George is underrated by people not educated about music but that Eric Clapton knew better,he also says that both John and Paul played great leads as well as innovative rhythm tracks.John Lennon co-wrote,sang and played guitar on one of David Bowie's first hits Fame in 1975 and David invited John to play guitar on his version of John's beautiful Beatles song Across The Universe.Brain May,Ozzy Osbourne,

  • Are You Kidding me?

    The Beatles are not overrated at all. For me they are the greatest band of all time, because they introduced the world to a new kind of music that no one ever heard before, they revolutionized the music industry. Even up to this day, Nobody ever broke their record. In 1965, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).[110] The film Let It Be (1970) won the 1971 Academy Award for Best Original Song Score.[240] The recipients of seven Grammy Awards[345] and fifteen Ivor Novello Awards,[346] the Beatles have been awarded six Diamond albums, as well as 24 Multi-Platinum albums, 39 Platinum albums and 45 Gold albums in the United States.[250][347] In the UK, the Beatles have four Multi-Platinum albums, four Platinum albums, eight Gold albums and one Silver album.[251] They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.

    The best-selling band in history, the Beatles have sold between 600 million and (at EMI estimates) over 1 billion units worldwide. They have had more number-one albums on the British charts, fifteen, and sold more singles in the UK, 21.9 million, than any other act.] In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked the Beatles as the best artist of all time. They ranked number one on Billboard magazine's list of the all-time most successful Hot 100 artists, released in 2008 to celebrate the US singles chart's 50th anniversary. As of 2012, they hold the record for most number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100, with twenty. The Recording Industry Association of America certifies that the Beatles have sold 177 million units in the US, more than any other artist.They were collectively included in Time magazine's compilation of the twentieth century's 100 most influential people.In 2014, they received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Plus, The songwriting duo of John Lennon and Paul McCartney made it even better.

  • Most certainly not

    Unlike many bands every album the Beatles produced was different. It is amazing to listen to the progression in style and intricacy of the music, as they got better and better. More importantly the Beatles influenced so many musicians in so many different genres that they can truly be called the founders of multiple genres.

  • At this point they've become underrated

    It's become hip to say "The Beatles are totally overrated".

    I'd say they are just about the only band ever to put out perfect albums almost every single time. If they put out an album and it got poor reviews, it would have tracks that at the very least were interesting.

    They changed music in the same way Bob Dylan did when he released "Like a Rolling Stone" or how the Beach Boys did when "Pet Sounds" was released or Nirvana with "Nevermind".

    There's "before the Beatles" and "After the Beatles", and any band, I don't care who they are, deserves praise if one can say that.

  • They're not overrated

    The Beatles is one of the greatest rock bands of all time. All of their songs have meaning and I like the fact that each song is written in a creative way. The Beatles also paved the road for other artists and influenced other bands and singers. They are great.

  • No way- jose!

    This band created some songs that founded the baseline for the future bands and helped them make their songs. I needed more words so I put these words to fill up the minimum words needed. Why do they have that in here even? Only seven words to go! Good Bye!

  • Definitely not! Superb band

    As a huge Beatles (esp. George Harrison!) fan, I will never agree with something like this! As well as being a huge influence to many musicians today, their huge variety of songs (hundreds of them!) have something for everybody. I've been to several parties where a Beatles song has come up and everybody has sang along to it. I'd accept that there are people out there who do not like Beatles music, but I would say that people who do not like them would still like one or two songs of theirs. Being overrated is a social construct because without the love of fans, they wouldn't be anywhere, so no, I don't believe they are overrated. Additionally (to one of the comments I have seen), I would argue that they are extremely talented with what they did, and they were indeed spectacular. They wrote their own songs and played their own music, which is more than many musicians today.

  • They are awesome!!!!

    The Beatles songs have helped me through so many difficulties. Break up with girl friend? Just listen to the Beatles and you will feel better. The Beatles are not overrated, there music is amazing. Furthermore, they are British and therefore they singing is amazing, unless you are one direction. Sorry 1d fans.

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