• Perfect in nearly every way

    The Beatles music not only has transcended 50 years, but still inspires every generation it touches. They are the physical embodiment of how good music can be, and how good it should be. If music today even touched this level of excellence It would certainly not only be worth listening to, but studied. Not anything like this garbage heap we call music on the radio nowadays. This was made in a time where good quality music mattered more than money.

  • It's just the truth.... THEY ARE THE BEST

    Bla bla bla BEST BAND EVER bla bla bla AMAZING bla bla bla LENNON/MCCARTNEY ARE THE BEST SONG WRITING PAIR EVER bla bla bla.... Na na na na na na na.... Na na na na hey jude..... Bla bla bla.... JOHN IS THE WALRUS YOU NEED TO OBEY JOHN LENNON.... :) and bye

  • Creatively amazing and ingenious

    Their music transcended its time, which is why it is still so widely appreciated after 50 years. You don't have to like it, just admire the expansive, creative, technical ingenuity of what they did. They were not a 60s band they were a universal pop rock phenomenon that happened to be around in the 60s and they are still studied and listened to today in a way that no other band before or since is.

  • Greatest band to ever exist

    Everything I say is my opinion and just that: an opinion. But so many people agree on the opinion that The Beatles are amongst the greatest musical acts of all time. And that means something. What does it for me is the sheer accessibility of their music. What I mean by that is that their beautiful melodies permeate each song so expertly; at such young ages they truly were masters, Gods, LEGENDS of melody, harmony, instrumentation, vocals. Such joy is their music, and it always will be. Not to mention 4 charismatic and often hilarious guys with great gusto were behind all of that wonderful music. The greatest story ever told. And I wasn't even alive when they were around. Greatest band ever.

  • They were the first in so many things.

    They were the first british band to be so successful in America. They also wrote their won successful songs that have stood the test of time and many other artists covered their music and gained success. They performed at the first large stadium concert in history and again paved the way. They could have fell on their faces but their belief in themselves again showed the way to the future of music. They made the first of what became music videos with Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, Paperback Writer and Hello Goodbye. They made successful movies and John even wrote successful books. They broke established rules with songs such as Hey Jude over eight minutes long and again were successful and showed you did not have to conform to the established rules to be successful. They were and still are the best as their music will live on you can bet your house that we will not be having debates on groups such as Metallica forty years after they split up. I always base my argument that they were the best not on my feelings but on the comments from other musicians who always cite the Beatles as the reason they took up music or how they rate them as the best. Great artists such as Brian Wilson, Pete Townsend, Elton John, Ossie Osborne, Noel Gallagher, Eric Burdon and even Jerry Lee Lewis have stated how highly they rated the Beatles. Time will prove whether they were the best ever and up to now they still are. A billion records sales and the love of millions still shows they had something that will not vanish overnight. One final thought on the Beatles is the competition they faced throughout their career. Some of the best bands and artists of all time including The Stones The Who, The Doors, The Beach Boys and The Beatles beat them all. Long may they reign.

  • Because they hold just about every record possible for music

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  • Most creative band ever

    Beatles were four bright and inspired lads, had the greatest chemistry together where they created some of the most pleasant melodies and beats that no one has come close to this day and age. They lived and breath music. They were the real Rockers who rocked the world. They were a 20th century miracle. Even today when I turn on a Beatle song it generates such a great sensation within.

  • How could anyone say "no"?

    In 1964, America first heard the "new sound". John and Paul's singing ability was just fantastic. The Beatles never took a short-cut on a song's vocal harmonies and instrumentation. So many bands nowadays do. They sang on key during live performances when they couldn't even hear themselves due to all the screaming. They placed strong emphasis on instrumental catchy licks (Day Tripper, And Your Bird Can Sing, Come Together and many more). I've been a musician all my life, play in a band, record keyboard tracks for other artists, and listening to their body of music just amazes me. The songwriting is simply unparalleled. They essentially created pop music, and EVERY important band since sites The Beatles as the "blue print of Rock"

  • The best ever

    No other band had such level of creativity on how they composed the melodies. There are dozens of songs that are in the history of generations (I was born years after they ended). Also, The Beatles was a major success in the whole world, not just Europe or North America. Finally the 4 members, each with creative skills, different styles, all blending together... It's just incomparable.

  • They Just Are

    There is no explanation needed. The Beatles are the greatest band of all-time. Their music influenced the generations after them including bands from the 80's and 90's that people, inexplicably, like more. They were the biggest thing to come across the Atlantic Ocean since Christopher Columbus. They started the British Invasion which brought other bands like the Rolling Stones with them. There will likely never be anybody like them again because THEY'RE THE BEATLES!!

  • There are better bands

    Yes, The Beatles were infulential and easily listenable. But their music is repetetive and doesn't contain any deep message. And actually they weren't any virtuosos or anything. I think the title "best band ever" should go to Pink Floyd, their some albums are a lot better than whole Beatles discography.

  • Not technical enough

    Sorry for The Beatles' fans but they where not the greatest band ever.
    None of them truly mastered his instrument. Even if each of them could sing the songs are too similar. Of course, they were one of the first Classic Rock bands but it doesn't justify everything.
    Moreover, you cannot feel enough in their songs that are simply flat for the most of them.
    If you want much better musicians try Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, The Hendrix Experience, Marley and the Wailers, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Rush, any of the Eric Clapton's bands, Queen and of course LED ZEPPELIN.

  • They are not the best

    I like Queen much more than I like the Beatles. Queen has catchier tunes, better lyrics, and funnier and more entertaining to watch. I feel like the Beatles music all sounds the same and nothing new. I loved all the guitar solos queen had. The Beatles were just boring to me. Queen made me want to sing and dance to ever song of theirs.

  • The Beatles suck

    They just do suck thats what they do all day every night they suck. And all their songs sound the same and make no sense like yellow submarine. If you want good music listen to Metallica, Led Zepplin, Journey, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, hell Weird AL Yankovich is better than the beatles

  • Maybe, but that's not for any one person to decide

    The Beatles may be considered the greatest of all time, but there will always be people who disagree. It is true that The Beatles were a huge influence over other musicians and have left behind a massive legacy that can not be compared to. However, there have been earlier musicians and later musicians that have left behind a legacy as well and other people see as the greatest of all time. So to outright label The Beatles as the greatest wouldn't be fair.

  • Absolutely not.

    There is no such thing as "the greatest band of all time". Everyone has an opinion and while it may sound mainstream, that's the way it is. Many bands came after them and took rock to the next level, so they should be better. At the same time, many bands came before The Beatles and laid down the blueprints for rock, so they should be better.

  • Impossible

    Nobody is going to disregard the Beatles or what they did to the culture of music, but this one is impossible. There are far too many genres and generations to be able to nail down one group as the best ever. They were the most dominant of their era for sure, but they can't wear the crown.

  • Greatest Band are you kidding?

    Hell,they stopped performing live because they were not good musicians! Ringo, good drummer? John a guitarist? George played sitar! Paul,better but so commercial. Zappa and his crew (The Mothers) put them to shame. Steve Winwood was incredible. All the cuts on the Blind Faith album are better than 95% of Beatles songs. The Beatles were a POP band.

  • They were puppets of the media.

    The group was a media sensation. The only reason they sold so many albums was because the advertising team were so good at pinpointing who would buy their music. Their true skill level and rock ability are very low. They would put out catchy songs that then would be targeted towards teens who wanted to rebel. Coming back to their skill level they couldn't hold a candle to bands like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Metallica, Queen, and hell even Tom petty.

  • Fantastic But Not Best

    I love the Beatles, but I just don't think they are the best ever. Their first couple of albums were pretty-much bubble gum music (and I think that they fantastic that they changed) but even in their more later (and better) albums there are still songs that I find boring and can easily get distracted when listening to them (apart from SGT. Pepper) and even in that album, I don't see why it's so great, I know it's very inspirational for concept albums but I look at the music and I don't see how every song is fantastic and could be listened to all the time. I think the Beatles are great and love them but I look more at the how the music plays and I see bands that make songs that are more enjoyable than The Beatles.

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