Are the benefits of domestic surveillance by the NSA outweighed by the harms?

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  • The NSA helps prevent incidents through domestic surveillance

    People are under the impression that the NSA is listening to everyone's phone conversation. That is simply not true. The NSA has the right to protect us and one of the most effective ways to do that is through paying attention to what people who may cause us harm are saying. You can't only look at the one side of "The NSA is spying on me" you have to also look at "The NSA is spying on suspected terrorists" Sure, not all or maybe none of the suspects will actually be terrorists but better then safe then sorry is a very applicable saying. As a ordinary citizen going about your everyday business, the chances of the NSA actually spying on you in particular are very low. We have to remember what NSA stands for, National Security Agency. The NSA is acting for the benefit of the entire nation, and the best way to do that is too keep their ear to the ground.

  • I think we need more domestic surveillance by the NSA to stop snitches.

    While domestic surveillance by the NSA cannot solve for snitches, the ability to access peoples' phones, emails, and other social media technologies severely reduces government reliance on snitches, which has multiple impacts including a mitigation in individual medical care costs and an overall decline in domestic murder rates, since as everyone knows "snitches get stitches and end up in ditches."

  • Yes, I personally do not mind the NSA surveillance.

    Personally, I don't really mind the NSA surveillance. If I have to sacrifice some freedoms to feel safer, then it's a small price to pay for that security. If it's really working and averting terrorism, then we should not be so annoyed about it. After all, we are constantly being spied on, in public (such as via store surveillance cameras), through apps, and in our e-mail. If we don't mind that type of spying, why should we mind spying with more altruistic aspects?

  • It stops terrorists.

    President Obama states that almost 50 terrorists attacks have been stopped with the help of NSA surveillance. Critics have questioned this number, but agree that terrorist attacks have been stopped. Human lives are the most important factor in this debate, because no matter how much money we might save, we must ensure the safety of our citizens.

  • NSA simply stinks.

    First of all, look at these polls, NSA employs 64 percent of all military personnel in the program: 14,950. Next, general Keith Alexander, the NSA's own director, NSA only stopped 1 or 2 terrorist attacks. Third, the NSA spends a yearly budget of 18.3 billion dollars, And finally the NSA kills people based on metadata. This is why the majority of people don't like the NSA.

  • The NSA is simply terrible

    It goes against both our freedom and our privacy, our first and fourth amendments. If the NSA isn't even following the rules it lives by, then the NSA is a bunch of hypocrites. Why are we expected to trust the NSA after the Edward Snowden incident anyway? You'd take life over freedom and privacy? What about the slaves who fled their states and risked their lives to gain freedom?
    The First Amendment grants us freedom and the Fourth grants us privacy. As Ben Franklin said 'Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.'

  • No it is not.

    I do not believe that any supposed benefit of domestic surveillance by the NSA is outweighed by the harms. I feel that they spying on of innocent Americans should not be tolerated and should be stopped now. There has to be a better way to keep a look out for terrorists.

  • NSA Programs Nothing But Harmful

    The NSA's domestic surveillance programs are nothing but harmful for the American people. So far, government officials haven't been able to show any concrete proof these programs protected us. Therefore, these programs were implemented to spy on the American people for more nefarious purposes that we might not think about.

  • There is not only a foriegn threat, but a domestic one as well

    No, I believe that the benefits of domestic surveillance outweigh the harm. In today's world there is not only a threat from a foreign entity, but our own are also attacking us for the inside. The surveillance is to protect the American people and sometimes privacy is placed on the back burner for safety.

  • What Has The NSA Done

    I believe we have the information that we needed about our government and we have learned a plethora of things about the NSA. I think the saddest and most shocking is the fact that despite all of their surveillance, they have not really stopped anything from happening. Or leaned anything new. I find that the NSA is a waste of tax payer money and a division of our government that has disregarded our rights to privacy. I do not believe there are any benefits from the NSA's programs.

  • Nothing supports that they do.

    We've seen no evidence that all the heightened security we've undergone since we got this terrorist bug has been justified. Certainly some of the airport precautions were well founded, but this idea of surveilling people and treating everyone like a criminal until proven innocent simply isn't how our justice system is supposed to work.

  • NSA views are too dramatic

    People view the NSA as a government program that is simply there to infringe on the rights of the people; however, they have began to completely ignore one of the key reasons for having the NSA. The NSA's main goal is to stop any terrorist type attacks both internationally and most importantly, domestically. They do not willfully infringe on the rights of the people, they are doing it to ensure your safety in our borders along with everyone else, so I answer no... The harms do certainly not outweigh the benefits... Security vs. Information that we type into our computers everyday? Your choice.

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