• Any one loves donuts

    Timest , home made and a lot more sell the best donuts. If you haven't come to Canada and had a donut how do you know. If u have its you apoplexy I need more word so I will do something like this to use up words so deal with it k

  • No, the best tasting doughnuts in the world are not produced in Canada.

    No, the best tasting doughnuts in the world are not produced in Canada.The first doughnut was invented in North America by Dutch settlers, and then it is popular in many countries. In my view, the best tasting doughnuts are produced in America, not but Canada. It has made an appearance in popular culture, particularly in the United States and Australia. So the people in the United States will make the best tasting doughnuts in the world.

  • The best doughnuts are from home!

    I believe that the best food comes from a home kitchen, made with love. That's where you can make foods without the chemicals and toxins of packaged foods, and where you can make things a little healthier and lighter than restaurants typically make them. I'm a fan of home cooking.

  • Daylight Doughnuts in the US are the best

    Daylight doughnuts made in the United States are the best doughnuts that you can possibly get. They are so soft, fluffy and flavorful. They are like little pieces of heaven. I have never had a doughnut from Canada, but I am not aware of how they could be any better than those that I have just down the street.

  • It's hard to tell

    Some homemade doughnuts taste a billion times better than any store bought ones. So it's impossible to tell if the best tasting doughnuts in the world are produced in Canada. People's tastes differ so I don't see how any two people can agree on which is the best tasting doughnut and where it is produced.

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