Are the Black Legions the reason why Malcolm X hated white people?

Asked by: Adam2
  • His hatred and grudge against white people started with the Legion's murder of his father

    The Scandinavian cradle of evil -- the Black Legions -- were the ones who murdered his father. That's why Malcolm sided with the Fascist countries in World War II. He didn't see eye to eye with Allied BS. But anyways, there was no closet racism that Malcolm X was suspicious. Malcolm was a victim of open racism, against his family against him.

  • Really? Invalid Question.

    "He didn't see eye to eye with Allied BS." - The fact that the creator of the poll typed this shows what a biased question this is and how racist Adam2 is. And besides, it is not very historically accurate as he was only 20 when WWII ended and still did not have very much influence then, as the civil rights movement start way later.

  • Malcolm X didn't hate white people

    The question is invalid since Malcolm X never expressed hatred for white people. He simply promoted black pride. He did believe that whites were not doing enough for the movement, but his faith dictated that he didn't hate. Besides, if he did hate them, and there was a specific cause, it would be the middle school teacher that told him he couldn't be a lawyer because he wasn't white.

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