• 3 out of 6 is pretty hard to diminish

    Granted, one of the best ever is a little subjective (do we mean in the top 20, top 50 of all time, or some other #?) Furthermore, I am not a huge hockey fan, I usually only watch the playoffs.
    Nevertheless, I am confident in saying the answer is yes. 3 nhl championships in 6 years in any era would be impressive. In this modern era of free agency it is an even greater accomplishment.

  • Yes i do

    They are the best team in right now and will be for a long time they are a dynasty that will not be beat i think that they will win the cup this year too. Lets go hawks. I am still the biggest caps fan still. I love hockey. Bruh

  • Yes. The Blackhawks are one of the best teams in NHL history.

    The Blackhawks are one of the best teams in NHL history. They have won numerous Stanley Cups and they are continuing to show a winning spirit and attitude. They may not have a lot of star players but they play well together and they win championships. They also have a great coaching staff and have been really good about hiring staff.

  • The Blackhawks are one of the best teams in NHL History.

    The Blackhawks have over and over proven themselves as one of the best teams in the NHL history. Their performances have improved greatly each game, and the have constantly grown as a team. Their skills and winning record prove that they are one of the best teams in NHL history.

  • Technically they are

    In any scenario, when you see they are 'one of the best' the only real statement you are making is that they belong to any certain group. I.E. The Blackhawks are ONE of the best NHL teams and I am ONE of the greatest writers on the planet. So logically, the answer must be yes.

  • The Blackhawks are arguably the worst of the original 6 teams!

    Before 2010, The Blackhawks had won a mere 3 Stanley Cups. That is atrocious considering they were established in 1926.

    Compounding this, they competed in a league with very limited competition and a small number of teams, yet still couldn't pull off more than 3 championships before 2010.

    The current era of Blackhawks hockey is impressive but by no means have they achieved something unheard of, salary cap or not.

    Ultimately, the Blackhawks are certainly one of the more storied franchises, but you are having a laugh if you say they are one of the best ever. They are in fact one of the more underachieving and losing teams in NHL history.

  • They just have a dynasty

    Just because they have a dynasty does not mean they are the best the Ottawa Senators got one in 1919-20 to 1926-27 and Toronto Maple Leafs got one in 1946-47 to 1950-51 and Detroit Red Wings got one in 1949-50 to 1954-55 as well as the Montreal Canadians in 1955-56 to 1959-60 this why Chicago is not the best team in the NHL

  • The Blackhawks are a good team but not historic.

    Looking at the Chicago Blackhawks and their long history it is clear the team has had franchise highs and lows. The team is one of the original six of the NHL and have carved out their niche in the hockey world. That said, the Blackhawks are simply not on the level of the Canadiennes.

  • The 2015 Blackhawks are good, but not one of the best ever.

    The 2015 edition of the Chicago Blackhawks are a good hockey team, but they are not among the best teams ever to play hockey in the NHL. They don't rank up there were the Pittsburgh Penguins teams of the 90' or the Boston Bruin teams of the '70s. They are good, but not the greatest.

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