• The Blackhawks are quickly heading toward irrelevance

    With their lack of depth, this team is quickly heading to has-been status. Management needs to quickly work up the nerve to clean house and restock the bench with a stronger line up that can go the distance. Otherwise, the Blackhawks will soon be only spoken of as the "Oh, remember when the Blackhawks used to be good."

  • The Blackhawks are not going to become an irrelevant NHL team.

    To suggest that the Chicago Blackhawks, one of the original six NHL hockey teams, and one steeped in tradition and great hockey, will become irrelevant is a silly notion and idea. The Blackhawks are currently poised to advance to the Stanley Cup finals with one last win over the Anaheim Ducks. This is far from an irrelevant team.

  • They can always Turn things around.

    Just because the Blackhawks have had some bad seasons that doesn't mean they will become irrelevant. There is always a chance that the team can become champions. As long as the Blackhawks are in the hockey league they can turn it around. They just need for work on it and perhaps find the areas where they need work on it the most.

  • It Is Ridiculous To Label the Blackhawks As Irrelevant

    Chicago fans have supported the White Sox and Cubs for well over 100 years so consigning the Blackhawks to the dustbins of hockey is foolish. The Boston Red Sox went nearly 100 years without a World Series win and The New England Patriots were branded as losers from their inception until the dawn of the new century. A change in management or a few key trades can bring an amazing reversal of fortune for any team, just as it has for today's winning teams in any sport. One player, perhaps the next Gretzky or Gordie Howe, is wearing a Blackhawks jersey right now and may step in the way Michael Jordan resurrected the Bulls.

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