• It is more for recent.

    While after a great 2014-15 season winning the cup against Tampa Bay, the Blackhawks are the best team as of late or during the salary cap era(post-2004-05 lockout). As a Blackhawks fan I just have to say for all time we are tied for fourth in cup wins. However they are only the best of the salary cap era and as of late.

  • Finding ways to win

    They may not be the most dominant champions ever but they just keep pulling out victories. Name another team in recent history that makes the playoff cut and you have to worry that they will go all the way AGAIN. Opposing coaches and players dread meeting the BLACKHAWS in the post season because you just can't seem to finish them off. The teams that have beaten them are sweating and on the edge of the razor the whole night. They inspire fear in their opposition because they just keep coming back finding ways to stay in the game and placing themselves in position to win as gain and again. If they are not the Greatest Ever they certainly will earn a spot in the debate for that reason. They elevate their play beyond their stats, or beyond what most critics, and analysts believe possible. That undefinable extra gear, that intangible quality to be better when they need to be is a rare trait. Other champions have had that in other sports, MICHEAL JORDAN and the Bulls, BABE RUTH and the Yankees, JOE MONTANA and the 49ers. ( I can't say the Patriots because being caught 4x cheating in less than 8 years says how they keep winning).

  • They are continuously winning, and winning.

    The BlackHawks may have came into this years playoffs in third, but they quickly proved their brutality and skill while facing the Blues, who were at the number 2 slot. The Blues were eliminated. Then the Hawks played the Wild, who had eliminated the Avalanche the number 1 team of the season. We eliminated the Wild. Now we face the Kings, we were losing the series 3-1 but we are now almost caught up. No other team as the constant winning streak that they do.

  • They are the beat in this time period.

    They have young, smart, and athletic players. Annti Rannta is a great prospect goaltender. Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, and Keith are a all-star lineup. Corey Crawford is a good goalie but has his flaws. The Hawks won the cup and are a great team. They are the very best ever.

  • They suck nut shells

    They maybe won the cup 6 times but it does not mean they are the best team ever they suck at life , hockey , skills everything k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k jk jk k k k k k k

  • The Blackhawks are definitely not the best hockey team ever.

    The Blackhawks are definitely not the best hockey team ever. While they did just come off a Stanley Cup winning season, they do not have the most consistent team in the NHL right now, and the stars that they had last year are not as good this year, so they just aren't the best hockey team ever.

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