• Blues are the best!!!

    Hey, blackhawks fans who won the game last night BLUES!!!! The blackhawks are a bunch of low line idiots they do cheap shots and hits!!!!!! Like the hit on david backes! Seabroek is the biggest dumby! I HATE THE BLACKHAWKS!!! LETS GO BLUES THE ROOKIE FABBRI IS GOING TO WIN IT FOR US!!!!

  • The blues are better

    Just look above... The only reason anyone thinks the Blackhawks are good is because they are the only decent team in Chicago. This means that Blackhawk fans really know they really aren't good, they just know its the best shot at a good team that they will get in Chicago. Also Chicago has a bigger population giving the team more motivation from their fans who only look forward to wanting the Blackhawks winning(which the Blackhawks can't do)

  • The Blues are better than the Blackhawks!

    Yes, the Blues are a lot better than the Blackhawks statistic wise. The Blues winning percentage is higher than the Black Hawks and so are their game play. And even when the Blue loses, they never lose with the ugly scores. They always fight back hard and they are really competitive in the game.

  • They Are Better

    The Blackhawks are not better than the Blues. If you look at their records you will see that even though Chicago has the more wins, the Blues have a better winning percentage. Also, if you watch games you can see that the blues are a much better team. They are in another league.

  • No no no

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • This is simply a no brainier

    The Blackhawks have won three Stanley cups in six years. How much do the Blues have in their whole history? None! That statement alone says it all. The Hawks are much better. Even thou the Blues won the division, we won the much bigger award, the Stanley cup! The blues have not even made the conference final in over 15 years!

  • I'm So Thirsty

    Everytime I visit my girlfriend's family in St. Louis I'm always so parched. Why am I so thirsty you might ask? Well I've been searching all over the state and it seems that I just can't find any cups no matter how hard I look. Blackhawks have and always will be the best NHL team.

  • Is that a real question?

    Let the puck talk. The blues are a good team but they choke every year. Blues fans will be the first ones to admit it. The Hawks are a championship team, where as the blues are basically the cubs of st louis, they are fun to watch, but they will probably never win it all

  • This isnt even worthy of an argument

    Obviously the blackhawks are better than the blues! Everything about us is better. We have won 2 cups in the past three years and Toews as a captain is probably the best leader a team can have. Coach Q is probably the NHL's best coach.....LETS GO HAWKS! BLUES SUCK! #sorrynotsorry

  • This isn't even a debate...

    You know what the Cardinals are to the Cubs? That is what the Blackhawks are to the Blues.

    The Blues could beat the 'Hawks every game in the regular season, and what does that mean in the playoffs? Nothing. The Blues are too busy getting upset in the first round. If they were paired against each other, the Blues have a snowball's chance in hell at beating Chicago 4-out-of-7. The Blackhawks are battle tested and Cup proven. The Blues are a nice collection of regular season overachievers that fade like a bad fart come playoff time.

    Don't worry, St. Louis. You won't even have a hockey or football team soon the way you support teams.

  • I think the Blues are an absolute joke.

    When you look at what the Blackhawks are doing this season, they are just a mind blowing team. They are definitely in the front running for the Stanley Cup this year. The Blues have been a joke since they entered the league. I have absolutely no love for that weak team.

  • Forget About The Recent Spanking

    Sure, the Blackhawks got spanked recently, but they put together an amazing winning streak before that. It takes a lot of talent from the players and the coaching staff to have such a dominating streak. The Blues are a good team, but they are clearly not the same as the Blackhawks.

    Posted by: rpr

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