• The BBC should report all news.

    The BNP's views are relevant on BBC, because the BBC cannot pick winners and losers when it reports. The BBC has to report all of the view points on a particular issue. It does not need to give the BNP a great deal of time, because their views are not very popular. But their views should be mentioned.

  • Yes they are.

    The BNP's views are relevant programming on the BBC. This is because their views are going to be relevant to someone, even if it is not the majority. As long as they are bringing in money to the BBC, there is no reason for them to be canceled or anything else.

  • All Views Should be Presented

    The British National Party (BNP) and its views are relevant to BBC programming because all political views should be presented. The BBC, despite being owned by the public, needs to have a diversity of views no matter the subject. The BNP is relevant to everyone because the organization is a political party looking for votes.

  • Keep those bigots off the air.

    There is no place for the BNP anywhere in the United Kingdom, least of all on the BBC. The party's notions of nationality are violent and racist, and should actually be the subject of laws made to forcibly prevent them from organizing. They are not relevant programming on BBC, and do not deserve time.

  • Foriegners will become upset

    It was bad enough when the Conservative government began showing off "Go home or face arrest" advertisments in August 2013. That sparked complaints. If the BBC was to give a speech by the BNP, evem more people will be complaining, since it would be playing across the whole of the UK rather than just a small area.

  • No, the BBC is too media controlled.

    No, the BNP's views are not relevant programming on BBC, because the BNP is a fringe group, and should not demand equal attention to the large parties in Britain. The BBC is far too government controlled, which influences its programming. However, they should not give too much thought to the BNP, because they are not very popular.

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