Are the Borg (Star Trek) a ripoff of the Cybermen (Doctor Who)?

Asked by: Ragnar
  • Cybermen came first

    Because Cybermen came first, they coined the idea of assimilation.
    Even though the whole idea is based off of a scientific theory, assimilation is at the root of both creature creations.
    The Cybermen simply do it properly while the Borg have wires hanging all over the place.
    It is obvious however as time goes by they have started borrowing from each other.

  • The Bore are a carbon copy of the Cybermen.

    Heck,they stole the most iconic line "Resistance is futile", and they say that they seek perfection. Also, if anyone sounds silly, it's the Borg. What villains ever sounded threatening in an american accent? Though admitedly the 80s Cybermen were campy rubbish, but I think of tenth planet and tomb of the cybermen, very creepy stuff. Someone was a Who fan and instead of buying the rights for the integration of both universes they made a carbon copy.

  • Borg are copies

    With the klingons good Star Trek needed to come up with a new villain quickly or else people would get very bored very quickly and stop watching . So they knocked off a monster from a tv show, not the best one no people would notice but the second best

  • Cybermen came first.

    As cool as steam-punk is, the Borg seem to be no more than a steam-punk version of the Cybermen. They have their moments, yet none that actually distinguish them from being just a copy of the Doctor Who villains. It's almost as if the power of the Cybermen infested yet another universe.

  • Rip-off or homage?

    Dr Who got there first but in defense of the Borg I think they are closer to the original idea of the Cybermen, as first seen in the story The Tenth Planet. There the Cybermen have retained some of their human aspects - apparently human hands and partially visible eyes and mouths. This makes them the scariest incarnation of the Cybermen - they still look like us. Later incarnations/variants turned them into silver metal 'robots' - the human origins totally buried. The Borg on the other hand look like us, or a zombified version of us. So, for me...Yes, the Borg are a rip-off of the Cybermen but I also think they are a step towards the original idea and for that I can overlook it and consider it a forgivable homage.

  • Borg are a rip off of Cybermen

    Dr Who has been around since the mid 1960s and introduced the Cybermen in 1967 as the camp sci fi trope of A.I. Biotech assimilating and superseding humanity by hostile vivisection into a hive consciousness. Of course the teleplay looks incredibly dated and the design / special effects rudimentary when you compare mid 90s steam-punk TNG Borg to Cybermen created 30 years earlier but the high concept is Dr Whovian. The Borg are a total ripoff. The crass American network suits at CBS would have made sure Star Trek did not infringe on the intellectual property rights of the BBC so have tweaked the evolution and visual style somewhat but I have no doubt the culture of the Borg as a race of nefarious space cyborgs was poached from Dr Who. S.O.P. For most American T.V show writers in the 70s 80s and 90s.

  • Cybermen came first

    Cybermen came first and the Borg came later on. I did notice similarity and also seems like the Borg is a ripoff of the Cybermen. They both used the same phrases- resistants is futile, and you will be assimilated. But who said it first is what I want to know...

  • So many aspects are lifted from Tomb of the Cybermen

    The tombs, the man who is partially converted and fights it, the "Resistance is Futile" speech, almost word for word if memory serves me correctly and more.
    Some think Motion Picture is the basis, but Tomb of the Cybermen was 1967, a long time before Star Trek the Motion Picture or Next Generation.

  • The borg are ripping the cybermen off because the cybermen were created first.

    If you look at the dates of when the cybermen first appeared , it is 1966, while the borg's is 1989, 13 years after the cybermens first episode. So that is why the borg are carbon copies of the awesome cybermen and trekies need to stop whining about it ok?

  • Cyberman came first

    The Cyberman did indeed come first. The Borg AND the Cyberman both believe in making all other races like them and assimilating them by using robotics. They are both VERY alike in that way and they can be seen as cousins (In my opinion) . But another thing that can be seen is that the Borg is also a mix of Daleks too, due to the fact they give you the sense of hopelessness and you will most likely die from them. So not only are the Borg crudely "ripping off" Cybermen but also Daleks.

  • It is the opposite.

    The Borg did not copy from the Cybermen it is the other way around. Before The Cybermen's update during Matt Smith's run Borg and Cybermen were far different. The Borg assimilate you by injecting you with nanoprobes which assimilate you from the inside. The Borg have the ability to adapt to weapons with their body shields making them useless Cybermen do not. The Borg are also way more biological then the Cybermen. The Borg are not individuals like the Cybermen but consist of a hive mind a collective. The Borg also posses thousands of extremely powerful cube shaped "deathstars." They have transporter beams (teleporters) and can travel at transwarp. They Borg also have regenerative systems which repair themselves. The Cybermen do not have any of that until their updated version first seen in "nightmare in silver" Now the can teleport, they can adapt to weapons fire they can even assimilate you with Cybermites just like the Borg's nanoprobes. So no I think the Borg were a separate idea that the new Cybermen copied from.

  • The idea for both came from Nazi Germany.

    The thing is, for all of the people who say "resistance is futile" came from the "Tomb of the Cybermen" or whatever that episode's name was, I've got to tell you: that phrase was used by Nazi Germany, just like the name storm troopers from Star Wars was the name of nazi soldiers. The thing is, it is my belief that the Borg are influenced by Star Trek: The Motion Picture. So many similarities about them, and even Spock says "resistance would be futile." Tell me what you think about this.

  • The Borg are inspired by certainly.

    That said, the Borg are indeed much more imposing than the Cybermen and Dalek combined. The Borg bring a bigger sense of hopelessness. Once Locutis was on the scene no one was safe, and nothing was sacred. I never have a doubt that the Doctor won't escape intact every time. I love all of it, but The Borg are a bit better. Certainly better fleshed out ( pun intended ) anyway.

  • Inspired, perhaps, but not a rip off.

    While there are of course some remarkable similarities, bear in mind that Cybermen have always been portrayed as individuals in the Doctor Who series. Meanwhile the Borg in Star Trek are one giant hive mind, with one voice and one purpose of assimilation, there is no individual identity. Also, the Borg do not sound quite as ridiculous as Cybermen do.

  • Just because Cybermen came first, doesn't mean that the Borg are a rip off.

    The Borg and the Cybermen are different in a lot of aspects. Yes, the have several similarities, but ultimately, they are not the same. I think the creator of the Borg created a new and unique species. They are still visibly human, rather than the Cybermen who are practically just robots using the human brain as a tool. The Borg assimilate and require a special environment to live in, whereas the Cybermen just take what comes their way. (From what I know) The Borg are an alien species while the Cybermen were created from humans.

  • Different Concept altogether

    Cybermen are the ultimate survivalists. They develop from usually extremely resilient humanoids faced with massively hostile living environments, Who resort to gradually armouring themselves, All the way up to the brain, To avert death. In the process they lose individuality and emotion because that is the only way for them to cope with their loss of humanity. Additionally, Cybermen retain individuality and hierarchies, Even if they have collective acces to a shared database, While Borg are systematically collectivised. The Borg are perfectionnists. They think there is a symbiosis to be found, A perfect balance between machine and organic, And they think that the best way for people to be together is through abolition of individual personhood, Assimilation into the hive intelligence. Full communism in other words. Additionally, Borg were originally meant to be insectoids, Whence the collective hive mind idea, And due to budget constraints were later made into cyborgs. All similarities are accidental, Including the infamous quotes : "resistance is useless" (Cybermen) and "resistance is futile" (Borg).

  • Not enough cybernetic parts

    The Cybermen transplant humanoid brains into fully mechanical bodies whereas the Borg put cybernetic implants of a specific function (depending on what that particular Borg's duties are to be) into humanoid bodies. The Cybermen also seem to have a greater degree of autonomy than the Borg do. So they are more different than they are alike.

  • No - they are the posbi

    Perry Rhodan is a German scifi series going since 1961. Early-on (in the early 60s) they introduced the 'posbi' a bio-cybernetic race that went around in cubic spaceships trying to 'integrate' all other lifeforms. These were translated in the 70s into English in a short-lived (OK, 150 books) series. Obviously no relation to any other bio-cyber race with cubic spaceships that try to integrate all other life...

  • Perhaps inspired, but not a rip off

    Not only that, but as some people have already stated, Cybermen were very rather in the classic series than the reboot. The rebooted Cybermen are more similar to the Borg, and also came after the Borg. I'm not saying the new Cybermen were a rip off of the Borg, perhaps they were inspired as well. I say this as a fan of both Doctor Who and Star Trek

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