Are the Boston bombings the beginning of a new kind of terror?

  • Yes, the Boston bombings are the beginning of a new kind of terror.

    I believe the Boston bombings are the beginning of a new kind of terror. While the bombings themselves are not a new form of terror, I believe where the bombings have been occurring is a new form of terror. A marathon is the last place you would think there would be a bombing at. It seems like anyplace is fair game for violence any more--movie theaters, schools or malls. It's hard to feel safe anywhere.

  • Unfortunately, the Boston bombings indicate a new kind of terror

    These days, Americans don't have to worry only about attacks from other countries, but may not be safe at corporate public events. People become terrorists for a number of reasons, but several people who are behind the recent terror attacks in the U.S. Are following each other's lead in terms of going to a public place and causing sometimes fatal harm to the people there.

  • NO NO NO

    Ridiculous, 3 people died? What are we crying for... Us (the usa and united kingdom) are in iraq for next to no reason and kill hundreds of innocent people daily, so if anything WE ARE the terrorists .. So there is my explanation, we should not terrorize other countries because they will fight back like it's just been proven

  • This isn't a new kind of terror, it's just plain terror

    Attacks like this one happen around the world and have happened in the USA. The Oklahoma City bombing was worse than this. Obama's alleged ex-Weatherman friend(the alleged part being the "friend") had planned on worse than this. This is sad for those who died and surely justice will be delivered against the surviving perpetrator. But this isn't "new" by any stretch of the imagination.

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