• The Scots mostly

    The Lowland Scottish police are perhaps the most corrupt of all of them. It's like the cops in Jim Crow. There was a case where a black man was being arrested and this Scottish guy went around slurring the man and saying, "The problem is you'll always be a *****r."

  • British Bobbies are Corrupt

    Power corrupts, and like any other police department, British police have power. They have to do harm as much as they have power to do good. Each individual officer is only as clean or as corrupt as his conscience. British police are corrupt, but they are no more corrupt than police officers in many other countries, and much less corrupt than officers in some countries.

  • British police are the coolest people out. They can do whatever they want.

    British cops are just people, like you and I. They are not corrupt. You are the corrupt one. Stop blaming the British Po Po for your own mistakes. Peeps these days are so ridiculous in their wild accusations and do not take take responsibility for their actions. They blame it on the Po Po.

  • Britain has one of the finest authorities.

    I don't think British police is corrupted and there are many reason that makes me believe that. Britian is one of finest country in the world, and it has improved through out lots of experience. Also other reason is that British police is well compensated in the term of salary and benefits.

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