Are the causes of social anxiety psychological (yes) or environmental (no)?

  • Actually have Social Anxiety

    If you do not have social anxiety, you do not understand that it is psychological. Shyness can be environmental but social anxiety is a mental ILLNESS. I have had this disorder since I was born and I still have it. You're enviroment triggers social anxiety, but does not actually cause it. Please, please, please don't talk about something that you are not affected by or know someone who is affected by this disorder. All it does is spread false information. You're opion is not an ok argument here

  • Yes, the causes of social anxiety are psychological.

    Yes, the causes of social anxiety are psychological. Of course, environmental factors can always play a part in the development of any condition, but there is usually an underlying psychological reason that can be treated with therapy or psychiatric medication. There is a tremendously high success rate treating this type of anxiety with psychiatric medicine.

  • The causes of social anxiety are psychological and not environmental.

    The causes of social anxiety are psychological and not environmental. Social anxiety is the result of an irrational belief that something can go wrong for a person while they are in a social environment. For the most part social anxiety is a psychological issue which sometimes manifests because of a negative experience or experiences. A person may form an irrational belief based on a negative experience and think that they will experience the same negative scenario over and over again.

  • I believe it is entirely a thing that is based on your surroundings.

    I feel that social anxiety is the cause of the environment. As a child, you have no idea how to communicate with others and are taught to do so. You can either grow up as a kid with very social parents that support the child. Or you can kind of grow up with not much social interaction from the parents or others. I feel that it depends on how you were raised that determines if you will be a person that loves to talk, or someone who tends to be in the shadows.

  • They are more environmental

    I believe that social anxiety is more environmental. I believe this because it seems that people are the way they are mainly by the environment they surround themselves with. People who are around a lot of drama probably end up with more social anxiety than people who are surrounded by a positive social environment.

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