Are the central bankers the ones pulling the strings?

Asked by: FictionalTruths
  • Central Bankers are Definitely the Ones Pulling the Strings

    Yes, central bankers are the ones pulling the strings. Their constant meddling with interest rates can change an entire economy from a period of growth into a period of recession. This is done under the guise of trying to prevent the cyclical nature of business, but in actuality in contributes to it.

    Central bankers also try to prop up large businesses that have no reason for surviving. They do this to prevent damage to the economy, but this creates bubbles within the market that cause even greater damage when they burst. We'd be better in the long run without the central bankers' heavy handed influence on the financial markets.

  • Yes they are

    The U.S is the most powerful country in the world. The United States Supreme Court has declared that corporations are people. The current bank policy is that the banks are too big to fail. The Federal Reserve is not controlled by the government at all, it is controlled by private bankers who constantly give themselves bailouts. These people control the media, they are the ones at Builderburg, at Bohemian Grove. They are the 13 royal bloodlines.

  • No, It's Corporate Lobbyists

    It isn't so much the central bankers that are the problem. The problem is more of the Wall Street lobbyists who line political campaigns and advocacy groups with cash. They are really the ones with a lot of secretive power the average citizen just does not have and never will.

    Posted by: rpr
  • We have too many levels of oversight for such a thing to happen.

    While I am sure that it is a very populist view to take to argue that a few select bankers are controlling the world financial system, the truth of the matter is that this is simply not the case. We have too many levels of oversight for such a thing to happen.

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