• Chargers Are Better Than The Seahawks

    On September 14, 2014 the Chargers proved that they were better than the Seahawks in a game that showcased their offense talents. In all four quarters the Chargers made field goals or touchdowns when the Seahawks defense failed. To make two touchdowns in the second quarter as easily as the Chargers did does qualify them as better because they know how to secure a win.

  • No, the Chargers aren't better than Seahawks.

    Without a doubt, the Chargers aren't a better team than the Seahawks. Although they took a victory from Seattle during Week Two, the Seahawks are still a better team for long-term success this season. They have the offense and defense to potentially win another Super Bowl Championship without too much resistance.

  • No the Chargers won Sunday but they are not the better team.

    They say that on any given Sunday one NFL team can beat another. That saying is true, as anyone watching the Chargers beat the Seahawks will testify. But in the long run the Chargers are not the better team. They will be lucky to even make the playoffs. The AFC West is not a easy division. They have to play Denver and Kansas City twice!.

  • Chargers and Seahawks about the same

    The Chargers and Seahawks are about the same in skill and ability to win. I don't think either is outstanding but neither of them are bad either. Occasionally one of these teams can pull off an upset that surprises everyone. Both of these teams have the ability to win games and be champions.

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