Are the Chinese Education useful for the students?

Asked by: jinchenzhi
  • Absolutely, the Chinese standard level of learning should be applied in America.

    Have you why Chinese immigration students were smarter than you? Do you know why the stereotypes conclude that Asian people are smarter? Us Americans are 3 years behind in the Chinese education level. As I am an Americanized Asian along with most of my friends, all of our parents have enrolled us in some math beneficial class that raises us up from a "common core" level and onto the global standard. When it is the time to take the SATs, most of us will not know how to answer most of the questions. The test is global standard, therefore implying the knowledge of what the "common core" should be around the world. If we implement the Asian curriculum into our everyday knowledge, we would be able to boost up our education level to the Top 5 in the world, maybe even beating Japan at their game at #1. We certainly need Asia's knowledge.

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