Are the claims by Erin Everly on domestic abuse from her now ex-husband Rocker Axl Rose believable?

  • Yes, Erin Everly's allegations on domestic abuse against Rocker Axl Rose are believable.

    I cannot fathom a woman publicly making claims of domestic abuse without credible evidence. The fallout that Erin Everly has taken since these allegations came to light could not have been taken without knowing there would be an investigation and public scrutiny. I believe her allegations are credible and time will reveal the truth.

  • Erin Everly abused by Axl Rose

    Unfortuantely, I do believe Erin Everly's claims of spousal abuse to be true. It does not matter that Axl Rose is a famous musician. Anyone can be an abuser and anyone can be abused. Erin's accounts of life with Axl ring true to me and I am so sorry that she went through what she did. i am happy she got out of that marriage.

  • Domestic abuse is bad

    Axl Rose could have domestically abused Erin Everly. Men are prone to abusing women because our society is very poorly constructed. That being said, the proceedings should go through the legal process before I can make any full judgments. I think this is only important for music-obssessed people, however. That is why.

  • Claims by Erin Everly on Domestic Abuse are believeable

    It is no surprise to me that the ex-wife of an old rocker would have experienced abuse. I mean, think about it. Axl Rose is no stranger to life of a rockstar and all the sex and drugs that come with it. WIth all the drugs involved in that lifestyle, it's not a huge leap to transition to abuse of a spouse. Even JOhn Lennon abused his wives.

  • Lets see the proof. Innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    Erin Everly had made verbal claims but where is the proof? Where are the photos? Where is/are the police report(s)? She alleges she was even hospitalized--are there no emergency room records to substantiate her claims? It could be true but in this country we pride ourselves on NOT considering a person guilty until they are proven guilty. At least that's the way it used to be here. I'm not so sure anymore. And just because he's a rockstar doesn't make it fair to assume that he would be an abuser. There would be a stereotype.

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