• They certainly are

    The Clinton's haven't done themselves any favors these past few decades. They have been involved in so many reputation hurting events that its a wonder Hillary is able to run for President. If not for all the allegations against her, she'd probably be a lock for the next President of the United States.

  • The Clintons are their won worst enemies!

    That another Clinton is running for office makes me sad for our country. I think it is time that they gracefully bow out and realize that it might be time to hang up the political gloves. With Bill Clinton's own notoriety in politics and the media, it seems that Hillary is just trying to out score him in who can have the highest percentage of coverage on this weeks news stand.

  • The Clintons Sabotage Themselves

    Bill Clinton, through all of his foibles, still managed to get re-elected and post- presidency has done a lot of good works and is well-respected. For whatever reason, Hilary Clinton, though learned and very competent, does not come off as very likable and this is to her great disadvantage. I do not know if it just because she is a woman, or if her personality is slightly abrasive.

  • I think Bill Clinton should stop campaigning for Hillary.

    Right before the New Hampshire primary, it came out that Bill Clinton was worried about the campaign and thought there needed to be a shake up. I think he is too involved in the campaign and that it is hurting Hillary. Because of Bill Clinton's past and Hillary Clinton's email scandal, the Clintons are their own worst enemy.

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