• Yes, the Clinton's can be trusted, despite the slip ups.

    Yes, I believe both Bill and Hillary Clinton can be considered trustworthy. Bill did make a mistake of infidelity during his presidency, but that doesn't deem him completely untrustworthy. Although both Clinton's are held to a higher degree being politicians it doesn't mean they can't make common human mistakes. With Hillary running in the presidential election, she seems to truly care about earning this position and wants to make a difference. She may have tried to beef up her image by saying she was near combat, but other candidates have done the same in the past. She obviously didn't think her actions through far enough, but I don't think that would make her untrustworthy. I say we give her a chance to show that women can hold and effectively run a position of power.

  • Apparently the other side hasn't heard...

    Bill Clinton has raped hundreds of women and nobody knows, because Hillary uses fake FBI files to shut them up. Electing a rapist-buddy is NOT a good idea. To heck with the Clintons. We cannot have her as president, as we have seen many reports of her being very untrustworthy. Electing a liar as president is not the best plan in the world (But ya know what, screw Trump too.)

  • The Clinton's Are Not Trustworthy People

    Throughout their political careers, both Hilary and Bill Clinton have kept secrets, created scandals, hid alternative agenda's and proven to American's that they are not trustworthy as ruler's of the United States. Their past and present actions continue to destroy their relationships with the voters. They have lied in the past and have shown no remorse for their actions. I believe this current Clinton presidential campaign is more about power and prestige and less about what's in the best interests of the country.

  • No, we all knows they continues to lie .

    You cannot understand Hillary Clinton – or the potential problems in a Clinton presidency since we’ve seen them before – without looking at the sprawling Clinton organization. It is a drama machine. It generates scandals, and then instead of shutting them down, it stirs the pot further. It exists in a kind of symbiosis with its enemies and media critics; they feed off each other. Not to mention that Clinton is haunted, even now, by scandal: there are reportedly 147 FBI agents chasing down leads in the investigation into the security of her email server. The question is, what happens to all these relationships if Clinton becomes president?

  • No, the Clintons are not trustworthy.

    No, the Clintons are not overall trustworthy people. Besides Bill's philandering during his presidency, there is also the constant waffling and side-switching on issues Hillary has done throughout her political career. While it is entirely possible some of these are the result of changes of heart, it feels more like trying to appeal to wider demographics.

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