• Common Core is very good for the next generation

    Common Core has been added to the California Standard Systems in 2014.

    I myself am a student in California who takes classes that have converted to Common Core.

    I have found that the math part of Common Core actually explains how to do the math and why we do it rather than simply saying what to do. The textbooks from last year (HOLT RHINEHART WINSTON) were not very good at all and caused me to get an F in the class. For Common Core I have an A+.

    The change to Common Core has helped me a lot.

  • Common core is bad

    The common core standards are bad for our children's education. It takes the control away from local school boards and puts it in the hands of politicians in Washington. It would drastically reduce the kids ability to learn and states all across the nation need to ban this common core.

  • Yes, I think common core standards are good for education in America.

    Overall I think it is a good thing for their to be a nation standard in education across America, we need to make sure our children are being prepared on an equal and adequate level for the future so establishing standards that the schools must meet is a good idea in my view.

  • The common core is an important step forward for education in America

    Education in America has always been highly localized. While local control of schools can be seen as a positive, it inevitably means that certain locations will always be ahead or behind others in various disciplines. A common standard ensures that all students have equal access to a quality education, and this alone makes it good for America.

  • We need to see where we stand

    I don't agree with how stressful these tests can be but it isn't the tests fault it is the schools and teachers that are more worried on what number they fall in for their API. If they cared less on API they would teach better. But I feel these tests are mandatory to see if the student is really learning the material or whether the teacher has taught them the right material. As these standardized tests usually have no effect on the students minus The Cahsee and other high school exit exams. So all in all it is more reflection on teachers and students combined.

  • Common core in unnecessary

    My argument, is that the common core standards impose to much stress, on students not only restraining from thinking clearly, but forcing them to try and learn from common core, which has been said to Make kindergarteners cry, because it is so in fact confusing. Which if they attempt this will replace what they have been taught so far, and leave said space empty because no one understands it. So many kids, so many adults as well, have come to me complaining about their friends, or students, not being able to understand how it teaches it. If the majority of students reject it, why make it mandatory? It imposes stress and a unnecessary way of learning what could be so much more easily taught then by some others curriculum. The thought of having standardized, is so ridcously insane, it makes me sick. Very few kids, can learn the same and be put into one category, no large group, can be standardized. Please remove common core.

  • The Common Core standards are not good for education in America

    Common Core is not good for America. As a student in the public school system, I do have personal experience with Common Core. Most teachers are worried about fitting in all of the curriculum put in place by these standards, so lessons are rushed through. Then, towards the end of the year, we have to go over just about everything again briefly so that we could have a good shot at remembering what is going to be on the test. Often times, we did not get to everything, so we would have to go into the standardized test without knowing everything that was going to be on the test. Too much emphasis is put on passing the test so the teacher can be brought back for another year rather than making sure that I understand what I'm being taught. More than once each year, I have heard the phrase, "Please don't blow off this test, I need this job." or "Please don't blow off this test, I have to put food on the table." So no, Common Core packs too much stuff into one year, so much that we cannot finish it all in a year, causing us to guess on the standardized test, and ending the school year not being able to recall a majority of what was taught.

  • Common core standards do not, except in a few cases, work.

    As a student who has experienced both the previous education system, as well as common core, I can say that common core does not work in all cases. Adding on top of my own experience, my mother, who happens to be a 3rd grade teacher, wholeheartedly hates common core. Common core emphasizes math and literature, which, while great, should not be the only big subjects. Science, History, and musical education should also be included, and I have reasons for all of these.

    Without an emphasis on science, the world will no longer advance at a rate of any significance.

    Without an emphasis on history, we are doomed to repeat it.

    Education in music has been shown to increase productivity and grades, as well as decrease stress and tension.

    As I stated in the headline, there are cases in which common core works. As someone on the yes side states, it would be nice if no city or area is behind or ahead of another, but it doesn't cater to all student's needs. Common core emphasizes audio and visual learning, which for people like my best friends, is great. But for me, someone who has to do something to fully understand it, common core is a nightmare.

    This is also besides all of the stress is causes students. We switched to common core mid semester of my 8th grade year, and the homework we had, which was already 45 minutes a night, more than quadrupled to 3.5 hours a night. I had to give up soccer, and our band program and choir program was almost put to a halt due to the fact that no kids had time to practice for either of these.

    On top of the homework, we were expected to be prepared for standardized testing, which may not sound bad, but the pressure the teachers and school put on us to do well was immense, and I normally aces tests without studying. After common core was implemented, I studied for 30+ minutes a night for 2 weeks before a test, yet still barely scraped by with a C.

    All in all, common core is a very bad system for American schools these days, and unless greatly revised, will destroy our education system, and the desire to learn and succeed in our country.

  • I say no to common core

    I say no to common core because it is not fair to kids that can't type as fast as some people can.Then imagine you typing so much and staring at a screen for a really long time.Then in there is so much reading that you have to keep on staring at a screen for a long time and sometimes your eyes hurt for staring at the screen so much that sometimes you get head aches.So that is why I say no to common core.

  • They are confusing.

    No, the common core standards are not good for education in America, because the students are so busy learning 5,000 ways to solve a simple math problem that they never actually learn how to do math. Something like education cannot be standardized to every student. Students are different and they need individualized approaches.

  • Common Core Standards are Not Good

    I think that common core standards are harmful to the American Education System. All students learn differently, at different rates and impending the same standard for everyone impedes the learning for children. Teachers are more focused on teaching the common core so students can pass the standardized tests, than helping students learn what they need to know.

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