Are the Commonwealth Games only relevant to people living in a Commonwealth country?

Asked by: Sportinaus
  • It would appear so

    Being an American Ibreally do not care about the common wealth or the Kremlin or really any other government system or icon. Plus I have never even heard of the commonwealth games so there is your answer to that. Americans love gossip it is sick but 99% of the crap in the tabloids isn't relavent to us at all.

  • An imperial relic

    I don't think that anyone from a non-Commonwealth country has an interest in these games as aside from in a small number of events the top athletes are not present. It seems to be a content between Australia and England to see which is the best nation with others making up the numbers.

  • Skateboarding shouldn't be banned

    Skateboarding isn't just a hobby a lot of people need it for transportation. I don't think skateboards should be banned because people use it as transportation and it's also a hobby for many people and that would create a controversy. Skateboarding may not be the safest thing but if you properly use it you can be safe. Cars don't ever respect us skaters only because we are skating on the bike lane and following the laws doesn't mean you have to honk at us.

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