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  • Change the Channel

    The devolution of country music is nowhere more apparent than the Country Music Awards. What happened to country? What happened to the sound of the southern soul? All answers to these questions can be found in watching the Country Music Awards. There is so much more to watch and support in terms of quality television. Do yourself a favor and change the channel.

  • No, it is not the best show around.

    No, I don't think the Country Music Awards is the best awards show around. There are so many more shows, I mean even if the category was just awards shows, they wouldn't be the best show. Other award shows have Jennifer Lawrence in them, so obviously those are a lot better.

  • CMA'S not the best around!

    The Country Music Awards are not the best award shows around. By far the MTV Music Awards in my opinion take that title. The CMA's are good, just not the best. The genre of Country is an acquired taste. Not everyone finds them enjoyable, so to ask if they are the best, the answer would be no.

  • No, the Country Music Awards are not the best awards show around.

    While the Country Music Awards put on quite an impressive show, country music in general is still plagued by a highly limited range of public appeal. Granted, the country music industry has done much in recent years to increase its appeal to a broader range of audiences, and this shows in the composition of the awards show. But ultimately the industry is still somewhat of a niche industry, and for this reason it can't possibly be the best awards show around.

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