Are the current protocols on medical waste disposal sufficient to protect public health?

  • Yes, they are.

    Yes, I believe that the current protocols on medical waste disposal are fine for the protection of public health. I believe that the medical industry and it's waste is regulated well and I have no reason to believe that there are currently any environmental or other issues with the way that medical waste is disposed of.

  • Yes, I think the current protocols for medical waste disposal are sufficient to protect public health.

    There has been much research done by many different organizations in studying the most safe ways to safely dispose medical waste and I believe at the current time that we have devised efficient and safe methods for the disposal of it, I think that overall we will continue to find new and safer ways to dispose of it but currently it is sufficiently safe.

  • Yes, they do a good job.

    Yes, hospitals and other places do well at making sure medical waste is properly disposed of. It is very visibly marked and put in containers that are safe to be disposed of. They use special medical waste removal companies to pick up the waste. The industry is highly regulated to make sure the process is safe.

  • yes they should

    If you have done nothing wrong and have said nothing incriminating there is nothing to hide from the government. They can monitor us if will allow them to save lives. The NSA is evil I think but it is neccesary for our protection. There are too many people that think this is wrong.

  • Current protocols on medical waste disposal are not sufficient to protect public heath.

    I do not feel that we currently have sufficient protocals to protect public health when it comes to medical waste disposal. Many hospitals dispose of waste by burning it on site or sending it out to be burned this is probley the safest method although it is not perfect because there are still particles escaping. I have also heard of some low income hospitals that just dump the waste this is very dangerous as it can get into our water and soil.

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